Making Waves at C-Level
Episode 523 is a candid conversation with Emerald GreenForest as she talks about finding ways to start over and kick ass in life.  
Founder & Lead Visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group, The Wealthy Life Mentor Emerald GreenForest is an internationally known speaker, transformation artist, Be The Change “Movement To Watch” Award Winner and one of America’s Premier Experts. She is the Executive Producer and Hostess of the Apple Top 100 ranked Men On Purpose Podcast & the Apple Top 100 ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast and is hired to consult with high achieving leaders who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age.   
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Episode 522 is an in-depth chat with Jonathan Palmer.  He is the owner of Autometrix and a new board member for the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).  Thom Singer met Jonathan at the IFAI Expo, where Thom was the keynote speaker and master of ceremonies.  The organization was made up of many entrepreneurial companies, and he knew he had to get Jonathan (and others) onto the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast.  This is the first of what we hope to be many interviews with the members from IFAI.
About Jonathan Palmer: 
Jonathan Palmer is the CEO and 2nd generation owner of Autometrix, Inc. and actively manages the development of new cutting solutions for the textile world.  His first employment at Autometrix was in his teens, counting parts and crating them for new equipment installations. In the years that followed, Jonathan has gained experience in every area of the business and earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  As the father of two young girls, a new son, and the owner of a family-oriented business, Jonathan is familiar with the unique struggles faced by many family-owned manufacturers in the US, and works each day to bring a practical, problem-solving approach to the world of modern cutting rooms - from digitizing and pattern layout software to cut parts coming off the table.   
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Episode 521 is a conversation with Austin Sams about the world of work and family.  Austin Sams wants entrepreneurs to have better family lives.  A lot of entrepreneurs are creative people.  Austin had a job and yet he was not fulfilled.  So he got creative. He believes you have to be observant on how people respond to the things you try. Are people seeing value?  If yes, you may have discovered your new career path.
He is working on a quest to help people be present and make things happen in their lives. He has started Family Entrepreneurs.  Family Entrepreneurs is an online community to inspire, learn, and support one another to always put family first while building your business. When people can take of the "mask" and live an authentic life, they succeed more in life and business. 
Austin Sams believes that time with family is more important than money.  He also believe there are smart ways to make a high income but still have time freedom.  His motto is to not only make a great living, but to live THE GREAT LIFE. 
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On episode 520 of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast, Thom Singer interviews business coach and speaker Scott Carely. Scott is currently serving as the president of the Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association. In this conversation they discuss Scott's career journey, his advice for entrepreneurs, and his role with NSA Austin.
About Scott Carley
Scott is known as the Change Energizer. People who want change in their organization, executive leadership team or in their own life seek Scott out. Scott is an expert in casting vision, repairing fractured teamwork and priority management. He is a natural entertainer and story teller that inspires the imagination of his audiences. His quick humor and energy are contagious.
He speaks to medium to large companies ($2-$40 million) who want innovative change, fresh vision and cannot afford to be dragged down by unclear priorities or fractured teamwork. Scott has traveled to over 350 cities and overseas as a keynote speaker and for executive team retreats.
Scott is a tenured VISTAGE Speaker and Executive Business Coach. He is President Elect and Board Member of the Austin National Speakers Association. From 2010-2015 Scott took his BNI Region of 45 chapters to the top 2% internationally in growth, retention and referral revenue ($36 million annually). Scott pastored a thriving congregation with his leadership team for 10 years and built a 13,000 sq ft worship facility on 5 acres in the 90s.
Scott has been based out of Austin since 2003. He enjoys live music, motorcycle riding in the Texas hill country and grilling steak and fish. He was married on Thanksgiving Day 2015 to his lovely bride, Carol. Now they have become the Magnificent Seven. Together they have raised 4 daughters and a son!
About NSA Austin
The Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association is the premier local destination for professional speakers who strive to grow through comprehensive continuing education, informal mentoring and professional connections. We look forward to welcoming you to NSA Austin.
To make NSA Austin the go-to organization for professional speakers — as well as one of the most respected and dynamic professional organizations in Central Texas.
To encourage connections, sharing, learning, and professional growth in our membership.
To continue to attract and retain a diverse list of high level members who are truly interested in speaking as a profession (or offering support services for professional speakers).
To expand our reputation for producing well-attended, high quality programs and gatherings.
To build up our treasury through sponsorships, fundraisers, memberships, and other means.
To build a solid leadership succession stream.
NSA Austin’s history, short as it may be, is a great example of what happens when talent, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work converge to fill a need and manifest a shared vision.
Speakers who have presented to the NSA Chapter have included Jason Dorsey, Jessica Pettitt, Jill Griffin, Patrick Henry, Jill Schiefelbein and many others.
About Thom Singer
Thom Singer is the host of two podcasts (including the entrepreneur podcast "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" and the "Digital Enterprise Society Podcast".  He is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee.  Thom is also the author of 12 books and a prolific blogger. 
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Episode 519 is an interview with Duff Gardner.  Duff is committed to helping service-based practitioners transform into social impact platforms that touch, move, and delight.  He is an active business coach and podcaster (Check out his "Off My Duff" podcast).
Duff Gardner brings Startup Thinking to the coaching and transformation world.  Duff’s draws strength from his Modern Family.  And, as an award-winning 7-figure marketer, startup founder and Silicon Valley educated digital executive, he helps Impact-Driven entrepreneurs create Offers that Sell. 
Duff lives on the West Coast of Canada in beautiful Victoria BC, he is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon - Silicon Valley with an MSc. in Learning Sciences and Information Technology, and in his free time, he is a passionate advocate for his 2 adult kids, pitbull rescue and adoption, and LGBTQ rights.
Check out his conversation to a candid look at business, success, and life.
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Check out episode 518 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" as Thom Singer interviews Dr. Margaret Rutherford, the author of "Perfectly Hidden Depression". 
Dr. Margaret Rutherford has been a psychologist in private practice for over twenty-five years. She began writing online in 2012, and was just narcissistic enough to believe that she might have something fresh or funny to say about what she'd learned.
Since that time, she has launched three different versions of her website. She begun a podcast called SelfWork with Dr. Margaret Rutherford. She created monthly FaceBook Lives for The Mighty. And now she is excited to announce that her book, entitled "Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression", was released in November of 2019.
Dr. Margaret Rutherford been researching and writing on this topic of hidden depression for five years, and she is passionate about the message that although depression can be heavily masked by perfectionism, it’s damage can still be devastating to that someone who’s trying so hard to smile their way through growing loneliness and despair.Along the way, she met many authors, researchers, bloggers, and psychologists. She  has written for HuffPost, The Mighty, Psych Central, The Gottman Blog, Psychologies, StigmaFighters, The Good Men Project, This Is My Brave, and others as she has spread a passionate message about becoming more comfortable with vulnerability in every day life, and confronting the prejudice against not only mental illness itself, but its treatment.
In this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do, Margaret Rutherford tells here story of starting her career as singer, and her transition to helping people with their mental health issues (I am sure as a singer she had the same impact for many!). The interview will explore the mental health issues for entrepreneurs, and others. 
Thom was excited to interview her, as they met online four years ago when he was dealing with some issues and ran across some of her online articles.  She was writing "Perfectly Hidden Depression" at the time they met, and her concepts for the book resonated with him and helped him see his own areas to work on in his life.
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Episode 517 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do is co-produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas. ATC empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections so their members can succeed and thrive.  This episode is an in-depth interview with Lionel Felix, the CEO and Founder of Felix Media Solutions.  Check out this conversation about life, entrepreneurship, and Austin.
About Lionel Felix:
Raised in NYC, Santa Fe and Los Angeles. Techie and side-hustle since I got my first Commodore 64. Went to school for film and ended up in IT. Worked as an IT helpdesk, manager, director and VP for Dell, Motorola, frogdesign, Sony Pictures and Y&R. Left IT for AV as a lark and suddenly we had employees and a warehouse! I'm marrying our CFO in December 2019, dad to two big dogs and constantly playing with blinky things in my spare time
About FMS:
We started our commercial AV integration business in 2014 having managed global IT organizations for 20 years. Our team is all based in Austin and work mainly in Austin but follow our clients all over the world for upgrades and deployments. As of now we have 25 people on staff and will do 6M in business in 2019. We focus mainly on Class-A corporate projects but also love to work on hospitality because it is nice to have places to take clients. - e-commerce site we built to let people buy a conference room in a box.
About Thom Singer
Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional EmCee. He is the host of two podcasts and the author of 12 books.  
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Check out episode 516 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" as Thom interviews Adam Walker Lewis.  Adam went from being a teacher to being an entrepreneur.  He now hosts two podcasts and coaches people on how to be amazing.
Adam Lewis Walker is a TEDx keynote speaker/coach and 2 x best-selling author. He hosts the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite minds in over 350 episodes since early 2014. In addition, Adam recently launched The TalkXcelerator Podcast for aspiring TEDx Speakers to learn how to achieve their talk. This accompanies The TalkXcelerator Program that takes clients hand in hand to achieve their goal. *Disclaimer – The TalkXcelerator is not affiliated with TED*  A former teacher and international pole-vaulter. In 2008 Adam was attempting to reach the Olympics when his career was cut short by a freak accident. Adam hit rock bottom. He had to rebuild his dreams and identity.
In 2013, Adam co-authored The New Rules of Success, sharing his no-nonsense approach to health, family and leadership. The success of this bestselling book led to the creation of the podcast and Adam’s quest to share inspirational stories, strategies and insights to be the leader in your life. As a coach and mentor, he works to cultivate the mindset needed for excellence and fulfillment while getting results.
Adam gave the TEDx talk Awaken Your Alpha, How to Rise Up and has been featured in The Huffington Post, ESPN, PodFest, Influencers Radio and many other media outlets.
In 2018 “Awaken Your Alpha – Tales & Tactics To Thrive” became an international bestseller on it’s release. This book is based on the 5 years of research from his podcast.
He is a proud parent to Dylan and Harrison with his wife Christina. Originally from West Sussex in the south of England. Recently Adam achieved a lifelong dream moving his family to America.
In 2019 Adam was twice named as an “Icon Of Influence” in the New Media space and one to watch into 2020.
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