Making Waves at C-Level
in episode 480 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” Thom Singer talks about the importance of joining your trade association. 
Thom is currently at the 2019 National Speakers Association annual conference… Called “Influence”. While attending this event he has realize that associations across-the-board, in all industries, are growing if they are willing to adapt and change to meet the needs of their membership. 
The National Speakers Association is one of these associations. Listen to this episode and find out to some of Thom’s opinions about why it’s important for you to belong to your trade association and ideas on how associations can meet the needs of their members
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Episode 479 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” is an in-depth conversation with Colin Guinn.  You may know Colin from season 5 and season 31 of The Amazing Race (he and his wife Christie won $1 million on season 31 in 2019).  He is also credited with helping create the commercial drone industry.  
Do you always look two or three steps ahead in business and life? Colin does. Check out this interview and be inspired. 
About Colin Guinn
Colin Guinn is a serial entrepreneur and high tech product development expert. He is currently the founder of Guinn Partners, an autonomous robotics and emerging technology consultancy and investor. Prior to this, he founded Austin startup Hangar Technology, after serving as Chief Revenue Officer at 3D Robotics and founder/CEO of DJI North America. Colin has product developed, invented, and/or holds patents for some of the most popular drones in the world, including the DJI Phantom, Zenmuse Gimbal systems, the 3DR Solo, and several others. He is one of the most interviewed experts on robotics and drone technology in the world, and provides product development guidance to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. He has testified on the subject of commercial drones in a congressional hearing, has been featured at premier industry conferences, and in countless top-rated publications and newscasts, including 60 Minutes, CNN, Techcrunch, Forbes, and Fast Company. During his career developing drones, Colin has had the opportunity to teach many of the world’s greatest technologists, artists and filmmakers about drones; including Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Spielberg, Michael Bay, Carlos Slim, and countless others.
About Guinn Partners 
Guinn Partners serves discerning clients in the drones & mobility, enabling technology and outdoor sporting goods spaces with best in class marketing and product development.
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Rupert Boneham competed on Survivor a total of four times. He was the first contestant to compete in back to back seasons, first appearing on Pearl Islands and then on All-Stars. Out of his four seasons, he placed highest on All-Stars, earning himself the fourth place spot. He was also awarded one million dollars on Survivor: America’s Tribal Council after being voted the fan favorite. 

Rupert was also a contestant on Season 31 of The Amazing Race. It was at the cast party and watching party for the finale that Thom Singer had the chance to meet Rupert and learn about his life long commitment to helping young people who are dealing with drugs and crime to get a fresh start in life.

After learning about Rupert's Kids, the organization that was founded by Rupert Boneham, Thom knew he had to be a guest on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast. And wow.... this is a great interview.

Rupert's Kids is a is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that takes individuals who have recently been released from the correctional facility and helps them become active and contributing members of society. The mission of Rupert’s Kids is to empower our participants to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self-worth and recognize their value to society. Their participants face many obstacles from their previous life choices. They provide mentoring as well as the opportunity to learn work ethic, social skills, and life competencies for future success. 

Check out episode 478 and hear how Rupert and his team have changed lives, inspired entrepreneurship, and help their community. 

Also, hear about how he chased a dream to become a contestant on Survivor, and won $1 million.

Call Rupert's Kids at 317-251-4732

Donate to his cause and help them grow.

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Rik Roberts is a Nashville, TN based comedian and speaker who focuses on providing 100% clean comedy and creative keynotes to groups who need a fun and engaging program. 

Most recently seen on Pure Flix Comedy All-Stars, Rik keeps his humor relevant and easy to relate to. As a father of two young kids, he has found there are enough real life situations that we can all laugh at without going “below the belt”. Family friendly comedy is his specialty. Crafting comedy club level funny along with church clean content, his programs are a good fit for corporate groups, fund raising events, awards ceremonies and faith based events.

His emphasis on storytelling paved the way towards his speaking career. Just like in comedy, Rik keeps the pace of his keynote programs up using stories, facts, current events, visuals and crowd participation to make the points relevant to each group.

Rik grew up in Kentucky working alongside his father on tobacco farms. Later, he also logged in several Summers on thoroughbred horse farms in and around Lexington, KY. He draws upon these experiences along with the rural way of life in his programs.

A huge Andy Griffith Show fan, Rik developed a “Mayberry Method” approach to his business. After seeing increases of 34% in his first year after implementing the program, he decided to share the process with others in a keynote program of the same name. His slight resemblance to the bumbling deputy comes in handy when he takes the stage as Barney Fife.

Rik met his wife at a comedy club in 1998 and they have been married since 2002. He spends his time off stage writing songs – many of which are aired daily on SiriusXM radio’s LaughUSA and Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Round Up channels.

He’s appeared on:

  • Huckabee (TBN)
  • Comedy All-Stars (Pure Flix)
  • Chonda Pierce’s “Stand Up For Families” (Dove Channel)
  • “20 Greatest Redneck Moments” (CMT)
  • “The Henry Cho Comedy Show” (Great American Country)
  • “Bananas Family Comedy” (SONY)
  • “L.O.L. Comedy” (Syndicated)
  • Car Talk (NPR)

Rik is a member of the National Speakers Association and is the current President of the Christian Comedy Association.

Aside from his keynotes and comedy shows, Rik teaches comedy writing workshops across the country and online through his “School of Laughs”. He also releases bi-monthly episodes of the School Of Laughs Podcast.

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Justin Schenck is the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement and founder of Growth Now, LLC which is a full service podcast production and coaching company. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space. 
What started out as something fun to do in order to connect with top influencers and help one or two people along their journey, has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every single week and ranked in the top 15% in the world. Justin now works with some of the worlds elite entrepreneurs and business owners like Fabio Viviani, Sarah Centrella, and Cindy Eckert. 
He is also the host and creator one of the most exciting live events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Movement LIVE! 
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Check out episode 475 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do".  Podcast host Thom Singer interviews Yancey Strickler about his journey from small farm town to being the co-founder of Kickstarter.  Thom met Yancey at a conference where they were both speakers, and was instantly impressed with his world view and cool personal demeanor.  When Thom asked "will you be on my podcast", he was thrilled that Yancey responded "yes" instantly.  This is a great interview and Strickler shares very useful insights for all entrepreneurs. 
About Yancey Strickler
Yancey Strickler is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the cofounder and former CEO of Kickstarter and the author of This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World, coming October 29, 2019 through Viking Press.
Yancey has been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People. He’s a former music journalist whose writing has appeared in Pitchfork, theVillage Voice, and New York Magazine. He’s spoken at the Museum of Modern Art, Tribeca and Sundance Film Festivals, Web Summit, and events around the globe. He’s cofounder of the creative resource The Creative Independent, the record label eMusic Selects, and an app that lets fans announce NBA games called Micd. The London Spectator called him “one of the least obnoxious tech evangelists ever.”
Learn more about Yancey and his new book at
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We always here "Don't Mix Business with Pleasure", but in episode 474 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Thom Singer tells us how and why to take your passion and put it along side your business.  Yes, mix it up.  Try new things.  Create a way to put what you love into your job.
Thom spent most of his career with his ladder against the wrong wall.  As a kid he wanted to be an actor or comedian, but never did anything about it.  Now he is an advocate for others to find a way to pursue their dreams, even if just on the side.
In 2018 Thom tried, for the first time, stand up comedy.  Since then he has gone to about one open mic night a week, been a featured comic in three shows, and this week begins hosting a weekly open mic night every Wednesday in Austin, TX.  His love of comedy is making him a better professional speaker and master of ceremonies.  
He also announces his partnership with a comedy production company as their VP of Corporate Events.  In this role he will help the company create content on using humor and producing clean comedy shows for companies and associations. 
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Episode 473 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" is co-produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas. ATC empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections so their members can succeed and thrive.

About Cendea 

Cendea is an intriguing mix of innovation and the tried-and-true, and best known for our high touch approach. Our partners’ careers started at firebrand companies like PC’s Limited and Federal Express, better known to the world these days as Dell and FedEx. While innovation has been at the core of these brands, we believe that it takes persistence, depth and execution to truly differentiate from the rest of the field. We don’t see walls, we see solutions. We’re national in scope, but proudly Austin-based and in our 25th year of becoming a key Partner for companies to recruit the right people to maximize their organizational results. We help navigate through this critical process because we have all been executives in multiple industries. We mix the traditional and the innovative…for positive results. That’s what we’re good at!

About Wade H. Allen – President & CEO

Wade has a keen, innate ability to convey his own personal experience, understanding of business and technology – specifically how to drive a profit – to help firms get to the next level. He developed a unique process to obtain the Human Capital that has established Cendea’s Partners as innovators and advisors who are true business assets to their clients. His 30+ years range from Fortune 50 to start-ups and turnarounds where he has personally helped drive company growth by applying his executive management experience. Wade holds an Executive MBA from the University of Texas as well as an MEE and BSEE from Rice University.

About Jim Bledsoe – Senior Partner

Jim has had a rich career consisting of executive positions with FedEx and Pulte Homes as well as entrepreneurial ventures in several industries. One if his many skills is that he has always matched great talent with great opportunities. Jim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Memphis State University. He has been chairman of the board for March of Dimes and a member of Make a Wish’s Board of Trustees

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Being a entrepreneur can be lonely. Sometimes we all feel the weight of the world is on our shoulders. It is hard. 

But you are not alone. Life is a team sport. All you have to do is identify who is on your team.

In this episode Thom Singer shares the parts of his entrepreneurs journey that are not all wine and roses. He admits he has bad days. You do too.

You need a peer group, or a mastermind, or a therapist.... as you cannot always dump all the sad and hard times on your spouse or best friend.

Join an association

Go to networking events

Find cool random people.

No matter what you do, be careful of the naysayers. The people who will suck the energy out of the room. The emotional vampires. Be ready for them and choose a positive attitude.

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