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Episode 463 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" is an interview with Foodee CEO Ryan Spong. In this episode he shares his journey from Investment Banking to being a top entrepreneur in the ever expanding food industry. 

Ryan Spong is a reformed investment banker, successful partner and restaurateur of the popular Tacofino and Superbaba brands in Vancouver, and now CEO and co-founder of the Vancouver-based food-tech startup, Foodee. He is a founding board member of the Knives & Forks Investment Co-op where he advocates for local businesses and economies.

Ryan was recruited from his MBA at the University of Toronto in 2003 to a formal career in investment banking. Three years later, he founded Mainstreet Advisors, a boutique financing company. There, he and his team raised tens of millions of dollars for public companies, some of which he served as CEO and CFO. Over the years, he started, grew and sold several innovative businesses, including Raincity Rock and Preform Construction. In 2010, he invested in Tacofino Cantina and helped lead its growth to eight stores. In 2013, he joined Foodee as CEO and put in place growth strategies that led to the 2017 and 2018 Deloitte Fast50 Awards.

He and his family live in the growing tech startup hub of Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, BC. Ryan recently moved Foodee’s Vancouver headquarters to the heart of technology startup culture in the shared, collaborative workspaces of WeWork.

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What can we learn from the top motivational speakers in the world? Anyone who reaches the top of their career field must know something the rest of us are missing. Thom Singer believes that "Success Leaves Clues" and he studies people who are at the top of their game in his industry, but this applies to everyone.

His ten tips in this episode include:

1. Have a clear vision
2. Be self-aware
3. Be Brave and work past fear
4. Build a good network and reputation
5. Be open to feedback
6. Manage your potential
7. Try new things
8. Find tune your skills
9. Make it easy to work with you
10. Never give up.

Check out Episode 462 of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast and hear this inspiring message.

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Check out episode 461 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" where Shawn Rhodes talks about his journey to entrepreneurship and why systems matter in business.

Shawn Rhodes is an international expert in creating high-performing organizations. He's a Tampa-based TEDx speaker and his work studying organizations in more than two dozen countries has been published in news outlets around the world including TIME, CNN, NBC, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and INC. His clients have included Deloitte, ConAgra, Serta-Sealy and Coca-Cola and dozens of similar businesses. Shawn is also a nationally-syndicated columnist with the Business Journals and author of the new book "Pivot Point: Turn On A Dime Without Sacrificing Results."

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This week Thom Singer watched his daughter graduate from college.  As he looked into the crowd of over 1000 students, he knew that many of them were destined to put their ladder against the wrong wall and chase a career for the money, prestige, or because its what they think their parents want them to do. As they go into their life after college, Thom hoped they could hear the words he never heard: "It is okay to carve your own way in the world"
In episode 460 Thom Singer talks about what he wants for his daughters, and everyone under 30.  That is to know that when they figure out what they really want (not just money or titles, but the whole package of life), then it becomes easier to make choices.
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Check out episode 459 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" for an chat about the importance of entrepreneurship with lifetime entrepreneur Jim Hunter. 

James H Hunter III is a Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of DynaTrap® (Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC)

Hunter is engaged in many entrepreneurial enterprises. He started an industrial products company (Handle-It, Inc.) in 1976 that is now a $6 million sales company. He started teaching, and continues to teach, the Entrepreneurship Class at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1996, training over 1,000 upper classmen at the Lubar School of Business in the art of Entrepreneurship. In 2014, Hunter joined with four other executives, who were related to the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, to form a new company to supply unique metal-matrix composites for use in internal combustion engines and other rotating mechanical devices. Hunter, for the past 20 years, has been a Board Member at Economics Wisconsin, a non-profit that promotes free market economics to elementary and secondary school students. 

In 2010, Hunter co-founded Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC, manufacturer of the DynaTrap® insect and mosquito trap, a safe, silent and simple way to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes – both outdoors and indoors. The company has introduced for 2020, the DynaTrap® Discreet Outlet Trap (DOT), an award-winning discreet indoor solution to those pesky flying insects in the home and garage. Like all DynaTrap® products, the DynaTrap® DOT does not use pesticides and it is odor-free. From its start in 2010, Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC has grown to a level of sales of $35.2 million for 2019.

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Sales team motivation matters.  
As a business leader or entrepreneur your long-term success is tied to your top performers (and your whole team) meeting long term and short term goals.
Sales goals are great, but they are just potential. Sales activities and sales quotas are important, but without the right actions they are just hopes and dreams.  Hoping and dreaming is not a sales process.
On episode 458 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" host Thom Singer walks you thought what is holding people back, and some tips to get focused on crossing the gap between potential and performance. 
As a business owner or a sales manager you need to have your sales reps (or yourself if you are a solopreneur) meeting the sales goals. Making calls without the ability to close deals is not going to pay the bills.  Actions do not equal money in the door.  
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Tom Gimbel is the General Manager of the KLRU television show - Austin City Limits.  Austin City Limits is the longest running music show in American television history, the only television program ever awarded the National Medal of the Arts, a certified Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Landmark, and in 2012 the recipient of an institutional Peabody Award celebrating “37 years of excellence in television.”  


Prior to joining Austin City Limits in early 2011, Gimbel’stwenty-five-plus year music industry career has included roles in independent marketing, indie and major record labels, and artist management.  From 1995 – 2005, Gimbel held senior executive positions with Arista Records where he guided successful campaigns for Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum sales certified artists such as Santana, Outkast, Pink, Dido, Whitney Houston, Carly Simon, Annie Lennox and Sarah McLachlan.   


In 2005, Gimbel founded and served as President of High Wire Music Management, an independent management, label services, and music distribution company with a roster of more than 30 client artists. Gimbel also founded and served as CEO of Clatterhead, Inc., a social media advertising and marketing company.  


As an artist manager, he has represented the legendary underground musician and artist Daniel Johnston for more than 20 years.  


In 2017, Gimbel and Courtney Blanton co-founded the Hi How Are You Foundation – a Non-Profit organization dedicated to removing the stigma and encouraging open conversation around mental health issues.



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Entrepreneurs and sales professionals need momentum. If you are standing still it is much harder to get things done. Momentum allows you to get closer to closing the deal and allows you to have the ability to pivot when necessary.
In episode 456 of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast, host Thom Singer talks about momentum and how it leads you closer to your potential.  Thom works with companies and sales teams to help them focus on the actions needed to cross the gap between potential and performance.
In this workshop, "The Paradox of Potential", he discussed the three buckets toward success: Plans, Passion and People.  In this episode the touches on all three of these and how to use them to find more sales success.
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Charlie Burgoyne is the founder & CEO of Valkyrie Intelligence, a consulting firm with domain expertise in applied science and strategy. Charlie is also a managing partner for Valkyrie Signals, an AI driven hedge fund based in Austin, as well as the Chairman of the Board for Valkyrie Labs, an AI product company. Charlie leads a team of highly trained scientists and strategists to implement advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence into industrial processes and consumer products. Previously, Charlie held a variety of roles including Principal Director of Data Science at Frog Design, Director of Data Science at Rosetta Stone, Vice President of R&D for a government contracting firm specializing in cybersecurity and machine learning, a research physicist for the DOE and NNSA, and a research astrophysicist for NASA in conjunction with George Washington University. Charlie holds a master’s degree in theoretical physics from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in nuclear physics from George Washington University.
About Valkyrie:
Valkyrie Intelligence is a strategic data science consultancy that transforms markets and drives measurable strategic impact for clients by applying cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to critical challenges across a variety of industries
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