Making Waves at C-Level
Zach Horvath is the founder of LIVE A GREAT STORY, a lifestyle brand focused on inspiring people to be the hero of their story. Zach has been on the entrepreneurial journey for over a decade, starting his first business in high school. After returning from an extended travel experience in 2013, Zach spray painted LIVE A GREAT STORY on a wall in Austin, TX and people started sharing it on social media. Five years later LIVE A GREAT STORY has grown to globally recognized lifestyle brand that spreads a ripple effect of inspiration.
Check out this conversation between Zach and Thom Singer and get ready to rock your 2019.
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Dara Zycherman launched Less Equals More to help you simplify while enriching your life. Through downsizing and organizing your home, we focus on creating efficient and easy life systems. All this work begins at the core: What are your goals? What is your center? This fearless digging addresses emotional blocks, releases the past, and allows us to reconstruct a home space that supports your dreams and everyday needs.

When you do the real work and change your mindset, keeping an organized and simple home is easy. With less distraction, you have room for more meaning in your life.

Through yoga, Dara centered herself and looked inward. Yoga practice allowed her to build strength, explore her creativity, and find her true north. 

As a minimalist, she does this at home and through her business - Less Equals More. She helps clients center themselves in order to downsize and organize their homes. Dara ensures their space reflects their values by focusing on their core.

With her space cleared, she can focus on one of her passions: music. She makes music to exercise the creativity she strengthened during yoga and to put words and sounds to her life. Getting up to sing in front of an audience can be a bit overwhelming- like organizing a home or attempting a headstand. Putting ourselves out there brings an excitement to life, as risk tends to do.

Everyone has unanswered interests, hobbies, and passion projects that only have room to grow when there are less distractions. Dara encourages you to find your center and strengthen your core, through your body and mind, so you can clear out space in your home, create, and enjoy life.

Build your life around meaning.

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Networking is still important in business. People do business with those they know, like and trust. 

Over the past decade we have all become attached to our social media and digital / mobile tools, and many people have lost the basic networking skills that lead to more business opportunities. But there is a trend now to get back to the basics of really engaging with people. 

Networking is not about passing out business cards or working a room. But nobody really teaches that stuff. There are many articles written that scoff at networking as if people really behave as idiots at live events. These articles are usually just writers trying to look smart, and making up problems that are not real.

But there is a right way to network. In this episode Thom Singer talks about the time proven ways to connect with people. Thom has been speaking professionally on this topic and has taught his techniques at over 800 events.

A few things you will hear in this episode:

1. Get to "like and trust". Having people know about you is not enough. When people really like you and trust you the business magic happens. But to get to this level means you have to invest in the relationship.

2. Have a plan. Your network does not happen by accident. You need to know the types of people you need to connect with and map out which are the right events to run into these professionals. 

3. Embrace social media (but don't think it replaces face-to-face). Social media is awesome, but real human one-to-one engagement is always the best. Mix the two and you will find the success you desire.

4. Keep in touch. Out of sight is out of mind. You must find ways to stay engaged with the people in your network. 

5. Support others / serve others. If you have not referred anyone else new business, how can you expect them to do this for you? Lead with ways to help others find their success and they will return the favor.

6. Never Stop Learning. The world is changing, so you have to find ways to learn and grow consistently. Read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, etc... 

As we to into the new year Thom Singer is looking to help people make 2019 "The Year of Human Engagement". Get fired up about your business relationship and listen to this episode.

**Thom Singer is a professional speaker and the author of 12 books. If you are hosting an even in 2019 and want a funny and engaging keynote speaker, put Thom Singer on your short list. Finding the best speakers for your event, but the right presentations set the tone for the whole conference.

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 For over a decade, Amy Schuber has been successfully coaching women business owners, entrepreneurs & individuals on building, growing and sustaining a prosperous life, career or business while staying grounded and connected. She has learned success in business and life comes from not doing more but having a different approach, by being aligned, thoughtfully aware, engaged and connected to oneself and one’s mission on a deeper level.

Amy has an innate ability to see client’s true potential and unlock the possibilities through providing solutions and resources unique to her client’s personal and professional needs and desires. She provides curated resources and solutions to expand & maximize life & business opportunities. Amy supports her clients in bringing their visions into reality, while creating a clear, actionable path to achieving success.

Amy is also the host of the Inspired Conversations Podcast where she shares insightful conversations with thought leaders like Dr. Joe Vitale, Jen Sincero, John Lee Dumas, Mariel Hemingway and hundreds more who are making a meaningful difference through their work. The goal is to produce thoughtful conversations based on conscious business, mind, body, spirit, and well-being in hopes to spark your heart and ignite your soul into a deep dive of self-discovery. Amy intends for these conversations to inspire people to learn, create and thrive in their lives. With over half a million downloads in over 100 countries and featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Amy is well on her way.

Amy truly believes you are the one you’ve been waiting for!

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Adam Schaeuble was on episode 351 in May 2018. He returns for an impromptu interview with Thom Singer about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur with a real desire to help others and share his message.

For ten years Adam has run a fitness studio. In the beginning he had 5 competitors in his town, now there are fifty. Increased competition has caused him to have stress and anxiety, but Adam is a driven entrepreneur who accepts that change happens and that he has to pivot to succeed.

In this raw and honest interview he shares the pain and joy of being an entrepreneurs and talks with passion about fitness and podcasting.

Adam is the host of two podcasts - The Million Pound Mission and Casting the Pod. He is also a husband and father of two kids. 

Do not miss episode 415. Adam is the real deal.

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Founder of Garrett Speaker International, Betty Garrett, CMP, has been active in the meetings industry over four decades. She came to Texas from Louisiana with the burning desire to work for an airline and her dream came true when Braniff International hired her.

Betty was able to transfer her skills from the airline to meeting planning at Young President’s Organization, the business travel department at Mary Kay Cosmetics and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). She developed relationships with the many professional speakers she hired for her programs, so it was a natural progression to start GSI.

Working as a speaker bureau owner, Betty realized there was a gap between ordinary speakers and those wanting to take their speaking career to a higher level. She has implemented a new division within GSI to coaching speakers on how to “get bureau ready” and grow their business. These are tips, tools and techniques that will get the traction needed for bureaus and higher paying fees.

Betty is also an author, consultant and speaker. When her husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, she knew she needed help and there was nothing on the market to assist the caregiver. She authored From Chaos to Control: A Survival Guide for the Cancer Caregiver, a how-to manual for caregivers tending to cancer patients. She also developed the Caregivers Companion to assist caregivers in staying organized with the appointments, treatments, medications, etc. Her website is

Betty is a leader in Meeting Professionals International, having served as chapter president, and was the recipient of the Marion Kershner Memorial Leadership Award by MPI. The National Speakers Association named her the Partner of the Year, plus recently received the Dallas Business Journal award for Women in Business.

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Cait Pearson is a photographer, blogger, the founder of the She’s Hungry Podcast. She’s a Pennsylvania native, now living in Portland, OR looking to pave the way by breaking the mold on what is REALLY possible when you believe in yourself. 
She began her podcasting journey when a friend told her her passion and empathy for the world and the people in it was too much to talk about with strangers in bars. 
Her words were short lived on a blog when she discovered podcasting. Through her three years in Portland, meeting hundreds of people and hearing countless stories about their trials, tribulations, incredible successes and epic failures. A pattern became very clear.
Anyone who wanted something more for their lives took great leaps of uncomfortable faith and worked from an unshakable mindset to achieve them. They learned how to fail up, and fail fast, just as part of the journey. Much like how her story began in moving cross country to chase her impossible dream.
Now Cait photographs people to show them what she sees: possibility, resilience, and strength to conquer any goals they get out of their own way to accomplish. She speaks publicly to remind people of their potential, and the tools she has learned to get you started And you can now join her weekly to be apart of the journey right in the midst of your everyday mindset challenges on the She’s Hungry Podcast. 
Cait doesn’t pretend to have it all figured out, but she hopes that by her relentless efforts in showing up, her transparency of her journey, and her genuine belief that you can’t beat the person that refuses to quit mindset will unite a community on the brink of greatness and they can do it together. 
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Jac Julien is a reformed “organized mess”. After her own “productivity revolution” she noticed how many entrepreneurs and business owners were simply running on the hamster wheel, chasing shiny objects, putting off today what they can do tomorrow (and those other clichés).  Jac has made it her mission to be the “AntiHustle Coach” and help entrepreneurs get of their own way so they can have the dream of time freedom they wanted when starting their business.
Jac uses her experiences as a clinical psychologist and productivity expert to save entrepreneurs from the “hustle and grind” of doing more without better results. She coaches her clients to get more done in less time, have time for family, friends and hobbies.
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