Making Waves at C-Level

Recognized as a pioneer for integrating personal branding with image management, Diana Jennings has been praised for helping clients enhance their credibility and increase their visibility. Her unique strategic combination of methodologies through her collaborations with world renowned thought-leaders has enabled her to work with career-minded individuals and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Known as the People Branding Expert, Diana has a keen eye for uncovering the visual cues and a strong sixth sense for signals that affect a person’s brand message. Her programs and coaching have resulted in career and business advancing opportunities, and improved relationships for numerous clients.

Since 2002, she has presented to groups, large and small, teaching others how to position themselves to attract opportunities. Her consulting clients have relied on her expertise to help sales teams and client interfacing personnel project a cohesive visual brand message. Her individual clients include entrepreneurs, managers, emerging leaders, and executives.

Diana Jennings’ work has led to many opportunities including her involvement in the development of the Stylist Project at South Coast Plaza the largest shopping center on the West Coast in California. She has been a mentor and advisor to students from the Image Consulting Business Institute in India and was a contributing author to several career related books, including Personal Branding for Dummies (Wiley).

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, Diana’s mission is to inspire and coach others to be and communicate their best self. She has a deep desire to empower others with tools and knowledge that will promote personal growth, self-confidence, and clarity of their personal brand. Her work centers on alignment and putting individuals on track to achieve their goals.

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Matt Sweetwood is a successful entrepreneur, an award-winning marketer, a social media influencer and a personal branding expert. Matt was the U.S. CEO of beBee, Inc., a professional social network that helps build successful personal brands. He served as President of Unique Photo®, NJ’s premiere Camera Store for 28 years. Nationally known in the photography industry as an innovator, he has helped acquire over fifty US and International Trademarks for both language and design, and he founded and ran the Ozzie Award winning publication Photo Insider®. Matt has been credited with the reinvention of the modern camera store, as well as the country’s largest in-store education program, the Unique University®. Unique Photo was named 2008 and “2013 Dealer of the Year” by Digital Imaging Reporter magazine. Matt was named the Photo Industry’s, “2016 Person of the Year” by the PMDA.

However, by far, his greatest achievement is having raised five successful children to adulthood as a single dad. Matt was awarded full custody of their five children, ages 18 months to 8 years old. In the 25 years since, he has raised his kids, on his own, into happy, successful and kindhearted adults. Matt has gained expertise in a range of issues such as surviving divorce and custody, single-parenting, dating, relationships, getting in shape, but most importantly – how anyone can have a life worth living – a BIG Life – no matter what difficulties he or she faces and must overcome.

Matt has appeared as a regular contributor on Fox News, NBC Today Show, CBS TV, News 12 NJ, PIX11, and other high-profile programs. He has also spoken publicly for organizations like Panasonic, Canon, PMDA, Microsoft, NJ Devils Hockey and BMW CCA, and was a member of the prestigious CMO Club, where he won the President’s Award in 2014.

Matt’s past charitable endeavors include having served as Chairman of the Board of Directors at both The Aish Center, a spiritual/educational non-profit and The Josephine Herrick Project, a nonprofit that uses photography to enhance the lives of the under-served. Matt was honored by The Aish Center with its 2014 Continuity Award.

Proving his contention that single dads can lead exciting, balanced lives, Matt is a die-hard NJ Devils’ hockey fan, an advanced auto racer with the BMW Club, and of course, an avid photographer. He is sponsored by Panasonic® in his photographic endeavors as a Lumix Luminary. He received his BA in mathematics from Rutgers University and MA in theoretical mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. in computer science from Warnborough College in Ireland.

His first book, “Leader of the Pack: How a single dad of five led his kids, his business and himself from disaster to success,” is a #1 self-help best-seller.


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Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want ,Inc., a life and love coaching organization focused on teaching women to own their feminine power and men to cherish women.  She is on a mission to get people loved the way they want to be loved. She has a very successful track record of helping people heal their wounded heart, reframe their perception of the opposite sex and meet their perfect partner so they can find true intimacy, love and long term commitment.
She is an award winning, best selling Amazon author of the books “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime” and “Dating After 40­ No More Excuses” 
Susan’s 40 years as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Services honed her crisis intervention skills as a coach.   She is a self-proclaimed,  self-awareness addict since 1978.
Her eclectic background includes working directly for Michael Gerber, the renowned Business “E Myth” Guru for 3 years, being certified in NLP by Tony Robbins himself in 1990,
In her varied life journey she has been a headhunter in the Oil Industry, A General Contractor building custom Homes, A movie producer, a business coach, an author and book publisher and now a life coach specializing in Love Relationships. She truly is a renaissance woman.
You can visit Susan at
Susan Sheppard - Getting What You Want, Inc.
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Try New Things. Talking the same actions will produce the same results, and Thom Singer has become obsessed with helping people reach their potential. 

One of the most popular pieces of advice he shares in his "Paradox of Potential" workshops and keynote speeches is about the importance of trying new things in your life and career. 

Having surveyed over 500 people about their personal potential (and results) and having hosted over 350 interviews with business leaders on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast, Thom has come to know that the most successful people are the ones who are willing to take some risks.

Courage is paramount to winning in business. You have to get out of your comfort zone and push your own limits. "Try New Things" is an important reminder to not get caught in the routines and ruts that plague so many careers.

Being one who tries new things is bigger than just you. It impacts your team, your company, whole industries, and society. Every break through had to begin with a person willing to shake up the status quo. 

Stop looking for reasons to say "No" or hiding behind policy and tradition. Seek out ways to say "Yes". 

What will you do? Listen to this episode (Episode 408) and get inspired to do more starting today.

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Amin Bahari has a game-plan is for Elite Sweets. The healthy alternative to the conventional, high fat and sugar donut. They want to give people donuts, regardless of predisposed health or body conditions. This is their mission! They want to help redefine the (SAD) Standard American Diet by offering healthier Sweets. 
In order to tell you how they got here, they need to take you back to their college apartment in Austin, Texas. It was another late night, and naturally these young men were hungry. They had two options: fast food or donuts. And because they were (broke) college students, donuts were the obvious choice. Clearly the healthiest solution (not), but who doesn't like donuts, right?
Several nights later, they wondered what it would take to turn their favorite indulgence into a go-to healthy snack. Protein bars weren't cutting it and left a lot to be desired when it came to taste. However, they didn't just want to make a protein-packed sweet; they wanted one that everyone could enjoy regardless of their diet or health circumstances. Thus, The Elite Donut was born: a protein packed (16g to be exact), gluten-free, naturally sweetened donut. They satisfied their sweet tooth and created the ultimate post-work out sweet, now Amin wants to share his secret with you!
Check out episode 407 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" to hear about the journey of Elite Sweets.
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Irené Turtle is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Speaker based in Los Angeles, California with clients nationally and internationally. She speaks on and holds workshops on a wide range of leadership topics.

Coaching and Consulting Experience


Irené provides Leadership Coaching and Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Executives. She focuses on working with technology and high-growth companies. Specifically, she helps her clients develop confidence and build on their communication, conflict resolution, delegation and team development skills. She works with teams on developing their mission, purpose and values, and helping them succeed as a cohesive unit byidentifying and maximizing their unique talents.


Irené is passionate about helping individuals and teams make significant transformations in their professional lives, which carries over into their personal lives. She has seen firsthand how focusing on and strengthening emotional intelligence creates star performers and has a powerful and positive impact on behavior, communication,, retention and productivity.


Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Her experience at The Walt Disney Company before joining Acacia Research, a Pasadena based incubator in the early dot-com days, enabled her to develop her skills in training, talent acquisition and consulting to bring about lasting improvement inorganizations that value growth. 


Irené has over twenty five years of experience working with companies in technology, entertainment, consumer products, financial services, consulting services, healthcare, internet as well as non-profit and academic organizations.

Additionally, she has worked with career transition and redeployment issues and has been part of and led large change management efforts at a variety of companies. 


Education and Training


Irené has a BA (hons) in Social Psychology and apostgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) She is a PCC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Irené is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, is a Board Member of NSA GLAC and is active in ICFLA and other coaching networks

Irené was born in Ireland and particularly enjoys working with clients of different nationalities and cultures.

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Bradley Gold is an active entrepreneur, a practicing attorney, Data Protection Officer of Abraxas Technology, and a faculty member at McCombs. Bradley works with small businesses in Austin alongside large organizations such as Thomson Reuters and General Electric, and international businesses based in Africa, Europe, and South America. Bradley is a previous winner of the IL Small Family Business of the Year Award, a 2018 Austin Young Chamber of Commerce Changemaker finalist, and author of nationally-taught CPA courses and a Top 10 legal article at Texas Bar Today.  Bradley is also a new father!
As an entrepreneur, Bradley is the Data Protection Officer and General Counsel for Abraxas Technology, an award-winning Austin startup bringing digital analytics to analog outdoor advertising. Bradley is Co-Founder of MiraLend, a student run P2P borrowing marketplace that has been through the DivInc and Austin Tech Incubator SEAL Programs. Bradley is also co-Founder of I’m Here Today, a classroom technology startup providing tools to large lecture classrooms.
As a practicing attorney, Bradley counsels startups through entity formation, fundraising, drafting contracts, creating supply chains, engaging in compliance, establishing Boards and corporate governance procedures, and creating corporate policy. Bradley’s law firm is the largest virtual law firm outside of California, and he has pioneered the use of the concierge general counsel model for startups across Texas.
As a faculty member at McCombs, Bradley teaches business law, business ethics, commercial transactions, and public speaking. He is a faculty member in the Business Foundations Program and Masters Accounting Program. He has been recognized for creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom, and has helped many students find jobs and internships in the Austin startup ecosystem (or “tapestry” depending upon who you ask).
When he’s not working with his wide-ranging list of students and clients, he is enjoying being a new Dad and running around Ladybird Lake with his wife and dog Laika, named after the world’s first official astronaut.
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Roberta Ross is a highly successful business coach and entrepreneur, who empowers entrepreneurs, practitioners and real estate agents to create a business and life they love. It is her unique ability to help others make more money, experience more joy, and succeed with ease, that sets her apart. Roberta has founded/co-founded three companies, given over 1,000 speeches, Been the #1 Salesperson, breaking all company records in her first hear, invested in over 300 investment properties, and authored 7 books and/or publications and courses. She is also host of Success Series, a subscription-based audio series program since 2010, and Host of Free Yourself to Success Podcast, and Six Figure Real Estate Coach Podcast.
Check out episode 404 as she shares her story and advice on "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do"
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Steven Sashen is a serial entrepreneur who has never had a job, former professional stand up comic and award-winning screenwriter, and a competitive sprinter -- one of the fastest men over 55 in the country. He and his wife, Lena Phoenix, co-founded the footwear company Xero Shoes, and appeared on Shark Tank, where they turned down a $400,000 offer from Kevin O'Leary.  
Check out episode 403 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” to hear the story of his entrepreneurial life that has been well lived.
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