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Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, Suicide Awareness Trainer, Performance Enhancement Expert, International Radio Show Host, and Author. His WHY is he's a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom with no purpose or passion. He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life. In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face to face workshops, Sean provides a framework for success to Millennials up to 50-year-old Professionals, Military Veterans, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners that reduces anxiety, stress, and depression in your personal and professional life. Sean equips people with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively. Sean hit rock bottom, never felt loved or valued feeling lost in the world and tried to take his life. He now shares his powerful testimony on stages globally and sends the message that at any point you have the power to say this is not how my story ends.

Sean spent four years as an Air Force Basic Training Drill Instructor where he developed over 600 men and women into military leaders. Sean is energetic and passionate about inspiring others to succeed. While serving his country since 2001 as an Active Duty Air Force Airman, he started and operated three successful businesses. His book "Decisions: The Power To Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors", reflects his passion for inspiring others to succeed and grow through the worst seasons of their life. 

Considered an “Icon of Influence in the New Media Space”, Sean hosts the popular live online radio show, Life Transformation Radio, heard in over 58 countries and thousands of weekly listeners.

Watch his popular TEDx video at

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Steve Little is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and mergers and acquisitions expert well known for generating accelerated value growth and extraordinarily high acquisition value multiples for his clients.

He sold his first company at age 15 for nearly $250,000 and never looked back. He’s led 6 successful startups of his own to private acquisitions of over $120 million each, and provided explosive growth and lucrative $100M+ acquisitions for dozens more – first with top tier Silicon Valley venture firms and in the past several years as founder and managing director of Zero Limits Ventures.

At Zero Limits Ventures he spots unique opportunities for valuation growth where others don’t, whether triple bottom line “evolved enterprise” models, social engagement strategies or other vehicles beyond simple revenue and profit growth. Steve has also raised more than $1B in startup and growth funding for 11 different businesses in multiple industries. And he led the buy-side M&A team for a major technology innovator, acquired and successfully integrated 9 companies in less than 12 months.

Known as the “The Activator”, Steve has personally taught, coached and mentored hundreds of business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs, helping his clients overcome the myriad of complex challenges to develop breakthrough strategies for peak individual and team performance and conscious leadership to generate astounding financial returns.

Steve is also a 4-time champion body-builder and power-lifter, an accomplished musician, and a dedicated and loving father to two amazing and talented daughters.

Check out episode 392 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" for all Steve's great pieces of advice (including "Start with an exit plan")

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After speaking at the United Nations twice in the past 12 months -- and as a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Inc.

Magazine -- Adele Cehrs has interviewed the majority of Chief Marketing Officers of Fortune 500 companies. 

She's media trained the CEO of Lockheed Martin, the actual father of the Internet, and the owner of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

As the CEO of Epic, she was recognized as a "Business Wonder Woman" and her agency is ranked as a Top 25 firm by the Washington Business Journal.

She also wrote a critically acclaimed book called SPIKE Your Brand ROI, which explains how to understand perfect timing for your brand.

Check out this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and hear this deeply profound conversation about Entrepreneurs and Public Relations.

Epic: A Real-Time Marketing Agency


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Pierre Abushacra shares his story of entrepreneurship from immigrant to banker to CEO of Firehook Bakery. 

He was born in Beirut Lebanon where he lived until the age of 7 when, in 1974, he moved to Greece with his family to escape the civil war in Lebanon. 

In 1984, at the age of 17, his mother’s experience as a Lebanese pastry chef allowed the family to immigrate to the US and become US citizens. 

Pierre graduated from George Washington University’s School of Business with a major in Finance in 1988 after which he worked in Washington DC in private banking for 4 years. 

In 1992, Pierre founded Firehook Bakery with 2 partners. Firehook started as a sourdough bread bakery and café in Old Town Alexandria. Firehook currently operates a wholesale bakery and 8 company owned and operated cafes in the Washington DC metro area. 

In 2012, Firehook launched a packaged goods line of baked crackers distributed nationally to conventional supermarkets and natural food stores.

Check out episoe #390 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do to hear his journey.

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Brent Hayden is a former international swimmer from Canada. Hayden was a bronze medal winner in the 100m freestyle at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He was co-World Champion in the same event in 2007 with Filippo Magnini of Italy. By winning the 100m, Hayden became the first Canadian in 21 years to win a gold medal at the World Aquatic Championships. He was also the first Canadian to appear in the 100m final at the Olympics since Dick Pound at the 1960 Summer Olympics and the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal in the 100m. Hayden adds a further 3 silver and 1 bronze medal to his World Championship totals. He is the current reigning Commonwealth Games champion in both the 50m and 100m freestyle events. In addition, Hayden is currently the Canadian record holder in the 200m, 100m and 50m freestyle in both the short-course and long-course. He is also a former World Record Holder in the 4×100m medley relay, and the 4×200m freestyle relay. 
Brent continues to live in Vancouver with his wife Nadina Zarifeh helping her pursue her music career. She signed with Nettwerk Records and released her debut album “In The Now” in 2012. Together, they have launched “Brent Hayden Swim Camps” and continue to coach privately together. They ar also the founders of an athletic clothing brand, Astra Athletica. Brent has also come off of two successful solo art exhibitions for his photography, the first titled “Nothing Witty” at the Mission Arts Centre in his hometown, and the second at the Cassera – Foot Of Main Gallery in Vancouver.
In this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do he shares the similarities in the efforts to win as an athlete and to win in business.  We cover a lot of ground about his newest venture, Astera Athletica. Astra Athletica is emerging as the premier performance and athletic lifestyle brand for the never stop active person. When you wear Astra Athletica, you are joining a community of individuals who never let a challenge stand in their way. 
"My greatest successes came from overcoming my greatest challenges." -Brent Hayden, OLY 
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John Launius, Executive Vice President of Vidzu Media, is a senior executive, proven business development leader, trainer, and media communications professional with 20+ years experience producing powerful teams and business triumphs across government, education, and in all forms of media.
Check out episode 388 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do"  and hear his story and advice.
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New Book: "Frankly Speaking... Insider Advice (Most) Meeting Planners Won't Share With Speakers" by Maralynn Adams, Bonni Scepkowski, Tracey Smith and Shawna Suckow.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find the combined wisdom of over 600 years (more or less) of meeting planning expertise, all aimed at helping you book more business as a speaker. These four of co-authors sat down and had a very candid conversation on fifteen different official topics (and many unofficial ones...) to help speakers of all experience levels navigate their prospecting and relationship-building with planners. Their goal is to give a rare peek inside the planner’s brain (it can get scary in there, but they’ve got your back!). Be more findable, likeable, memorable, and bookable!

Check out Episode 387 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" and hear from one of the co-authors, Shawna Suckow (previously on episode 252). Shawna had over 20 years experience as a meeting planner before making the transition to being a speaker. Even with two decades of experiences, she made mistakes and misunderstood what the meeting business wants and needs from speakers. 

Check out this interview and learn more about how to get paid to speak and build a positive reputation with meeting professionals.

Learn more about Shawna -

Buy the book on Amazon.

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Sania Khiljee is a serial entrepreneur as well as social media expert. She owns Losers to Legends, which is a social media education and consulting company. Losers to Legends started as a motivational movement on social media and has grown over 1.4 million followers. Now, Sania helps entrepreneurs start and grow their business through social media with books, video training, and group coaching at

She also is the co-owner of a private preschool Kids R Kids in Katy, TX and is the founder of a subscription box called Bumble Brain Box, which she sold in 2017.

When she’s not blogging or running businesses, Sania loves to spend time with her husband and 2 cats and travel the world.

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