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Rachel Ritlop is the founder of The Confused Millennial, a lifestyle blog and podcast sharing personal experience and advice to help other confused millennials embrace more of who they are while navigating this whole "#adulting" thing. The blog and podcast cover topics like careers, entrepreneurship, finance, the home, relationships, spirituality and more. After earning her Master's Degree in Counseling, and landing her "dream job" she found herself feeling completely miserable with no work-life balance. She was so miserable in fact, that she found herself fired not once, but twice in a matter of a month - not because she couldn't do her job, but because she was so miserable to be around. Queue a quarter-life crisis and some serious soul searching. Rachel decided to get in touch with her passions and moved forward by redefining what success means to her and started creating content to help millennials discover their life path. She also works one-on-one with clients to create their own blog or business that they can turn into a fulfilling and sustainable career. Her expertise has been seen on Forbes as a contributing writer, Fast Company, Brit + Co, Dailyworth, and more.

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Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who helps startups and small businesses grow with storytelling and content marketing. He has helped hundreds of startups and small businesses create scalable content marketing strategies. His book The Story Engine outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective.
Kyle has worked with many well-known brands and businesses like AdEspresso, Advance Your Reach, WP Curve and Self-Publishing School.
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Raw Milk Cheese. Alan Glustoff does not think everything has to be pasteurized. This is not just about cheese, but about following your dreams. 

Check out episode 383 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" and learn about the story of 5 Spoke Creamery. 

Growing up in the Midwest, Alan learned to ride a two wheeler on an uncle’s old balloon tire bike that was way too big for him. He still remembers the people who were there, the surroundings and the smells of Spring in the air. He wasn’t afraid of falling; he was too busy taking it all in. Alan has always considered bicycling thebest way to really see what’s around him and be in the experience, rather than racing through it.

That’s also how he views cheese making – you need to be able to see what’s going on, which means only working with small batches where you can react to what’s happening in front of you.You also need to start with superior quality raw milk from your own grass-fed cows.

At 5 Spoke Creamery, they embrace the attitude that every turn in the road offers interesting possibilities and salute their willingness to approach life as a journey, one turn at a time. Alan calls this the “Art of Possibilities”.

Believing in possibilities was key to allowing the company to follow Alan’s passion to make superior tasting, small batch raw milk cheeses (that happen to be kosher), let alone thinking it possible to buy and restore a 100 year old dairy farm and build a cheese making operation from the ground up.

Finally, the company's name reflects the belief that like riding a bike, balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle; that it is possible to enjoy fine, artisanal cheeses if it’s balanced with physical activity. 

This is a great interview with someone who bought a farm and started a cheese business in the last decade, while most farms are going away. Zig when others Zag.

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Alex Blackburn was born and raised in Austin, Texas.  As such, it was only natural for him to attend the University of Texas, the school that he followed from his earliest days.  Now a graduate of Texas, he works in his family’s real estate business – a field his family has been in for a long time in Austin, so the entrepreneurship Apple does not fall far from the tree.  
Working with family has also allowed Alex to begin pursuing his entrepreneurship goals, and with that, he has been able to launch his first company – American Duke Apparel Co., a 100% USA made company that began as a class project while he was still at Texas.  Alex is working hard to establish American Duke as the next great lifestyle brand, attending vendor shows during weekends and visiting potential wholesalers on lunchbreaks.  
Ultimately, Alex hopes to be a serial entrepreneur.  He does not intend to be a start ‘em up and sell ‘em type of entrepreneur, but has lofty goals of owning multiple companies that he will be able to grow alongside like minded entrepreneurs and fortify with great teams.  Alex makes sure that he saves plenty of time to enjoy life still as well, staying involved with his family and friends through adventures, local culinary escapades, a fair (but never enough) amount of traveling, and always keeps his eye open for the next opportunity, be that an adventure of business or life.
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Nate Cotanch, a lifelong Hatch Chile eater whose roots stem from a family of 17 children from north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the founder of Zia Green Chile Company. Cotanch was featured in Brooklyn Magazine's "30 Under 30" Class of 2018 and in Forbes as “One of 10 Innovators Under 30 Shaking Up The New York Food Scene.” Prior to founding Zia, Nate Cotanch worked in the NYC venture capital scene analyzing early to growth stage ventures across multiple industries.
About Zia Green Chile Company:
From humble beginnings at Brooklyn’s renowned Smorgasburg food market, Zia Green Chile Company has become a leading brand known for introducing Hatch Chile to the East Coast, along the way unearthing a large following of New Mexicans, Southwestern transplants, and new Hatch Chile lovers. Today Zia Green Chile Company is distributed to leading retailers and chefs nationwide.
Georgia has its peaches, Idaho has its potatoes, and New Mexico has Zia Hatch Chile -- exclusively grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico from family owned farms and harvested only once in the fall each year from around August until Mid-October. Like products of the Champagne region of France, a true Hatch Chile comes from nowhere other than the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. It’s about terroir.
Zia Hatch Chile includes a selection of carefully handpicked strains that provide an unmatched flame-roasted, smoke-kissed flavor and various levels of spice to any dish.
Insanely addictive, Zia Hatch Chile will become your new favorite ingredient.
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Sam is passionate about being on the cutting edge of human potential. He is a “natural” biohacker, always researching and experimenting with the latest knowledge relating to natural foods, supplements, fitness, and overall wellbeing. He finds excitement in continuously learning, experimenting, and sharing his findings with others through products and information. Sam holds a BS from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the Acton School of Business–an intensive entrepreneurship program taught by highly successful entrepeneurs. He currently serves as CEO of BrianJuice, and is a cofounder and board member of two other health and wellness startups in Austin, Texas.
The BrainJuice story begins when Sam was a college student, trapped in a cycle of bad habits that left him feeling depleted and foggy. He knew he wasn’t operating at full capacity. He wanted a healthy alternative to energy drinks and focus-enhancing drugs. Then, through his MBA program in Entrepreneurship, Sam met a biochemist named Peter.
With Peter’s knowledge of neurotransmitters and brain function, Sam decided to harness the goodness of real food with the power of science. Many rounds of ingredients and combinations later, he created the BrainJuice formula. Since then, his mission has been to perfect the formula by continuously updating the ingredients with the best food-derived sources available.
Check out this great interview with this dynamic entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods space.  This is the first of a series of interviews over the next few months with entrepreneurs in the specialty foods and CPG industries. 


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Alan Stein, Jr. is a performance coach, consultant, speaker and author. He spent 15 years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet.

Alan delivers high-energy keynotes and interactive workshops to improve performance, cohesion and accountability. He inspires and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity.

In other words, Alan teaches how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.

He is an amicably divorced father of twin sons (Luke and Jack) and a daughter (Lyla) and lives just outside of Washington, D.C.
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While he enjoys hearing, “You’re doing great!”, the follow-up sentence of, “Just keep doing what you’re doing!” doesn’t work for Pete Mockaitis. He wants a clear and actionable roadmap of the things he needs to do to get where he wants to go.
Pete wants to know the tools, hacks, and strategies that are both sensible and proven by those who came before him.  He has always been pathologically curious. As a kid, Pete would go to the Danville Public Library every weekend with his dad, eager to learn. Sure enough, the more he learned in an area, the better he performed! That curiosity served him well and earned him some flashy credentials. Pete has consulted at Bain & Company and has spent thousands of hours delivering one-on-one coaching to 700+ world-class thinkers to sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills.
His clients hail from over 50 countries, every Ivy League school, and world-class organizations such as Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, the United Nations, and Amazon.
But the creds matter little compared to the impact he has enjoyed making. His website and podcast "Be Awesome At Your Job" enables Pete to multiply that impact by sharing the best insights he has learn from the best thinkers in the world. 
Pete Mockaitis love people who enjoy "dorking out" about powerful knowledge as much as he does.
In this episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" he shares details from his journey and candid advice for anyone who wants to be awesome at their job.
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Virginia Muzquiz is well-known as the Referral Diva. She is passionately driven to teach six-figure solopreneurs the pathway to building business that fuel their passions, fund their dreams and have MASSIVE IMPACT on the communities where they live and serve. With over 30 years of teaching, training and business building experience, Virginia has demonstrated that cultivating and leveraging social capital is the FASTEST path to profitability for the small business owner.
Among her many accomplishments, Virginia grew the contract services division of a nationally recognized tutoring company from $0 in 2005 to $2.5 million in annual revenue in 2011 -- completely by word-of-mouth. As the owner of the Gateway Referral Institute franchise, Virginia distinguished herself as the #1 franchisee in the US, #3 globally, earning her a seat on the exclusive Executive Circle until she moved on in 2015. As the Chief Connections Officer at Master Connectors, Inc and an Executive Director of two franchises of Business Network International (BNI), Virginia coaches 1400+ entrepreneurs on building business using word-of-mouth best practices. Virginia is also the host of the Passion+Purpose=IMPACT podcast with listeners in over 30 countries!

Check out her "Faithful Follow Up Guide" to help solopreneurs master the art of leveraging the connections they initiate!
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