Making Waves at C-Level

Jon Petz is a motivational keynote speaker and master of ceremonies who uses humor engaged audiences.

Clients invite him back again and again – and audience members can’t wait to transform his ideas and strategies into real-world change in their lives and careers.

Ever meet one of those people born to be on a stage? That’s Jon – and that’s why he left a highly successful career as a Vice President of sales to return to his real passion as a professional speaker & corporate magician. After that? There was no turning back. With a unique skillset, a purposeful presence, and the kind of energy that seems to transform a room – he gets audiences on their feet, and to the edge of their seats hungry for the innovative insights and game-changing solutions he shares. As a funny motivational speaker, event or conference emcee or corporate magician, he wow’s the crowd. He uses his magic and inspiring stories to bring home the very real belief that we all have the opportunity to be significant each day, and that small moments matter in business and in life.

Jon Petz is not a corporate magician who decided to turn “keynote speaker.” He’s a relatable “everyman” who has worked in a warehouse, flipped burgers, driven a forklift, sat in the cubicle, made cold calls, managed in corporate America, competitively grew a highly successful sales career, and managed a national sales team across 52 offices. His ability to draw on these experiences and more allow him to resonate with audience members with humor – and the human touch. With Jon, there’s no “Diva” or drama. And that? Makes him a favorite for corporate audiences, event planners, and leadership teams. Bottom line? He gets people. From all backgrounds, positions, and diversities – and they get him because when they laugh, they learn more. When he connects from the heart because he’s walked a time in their ‘shoes’ – they pay attention. They can see themselves in the answers. And that? Makes all the difference.

When he’s not on the road wowing audiences and empowering others to create significance, he is at home with the real stars of the show, his beautiful wife and daughters.

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