Making Waves at C-Level

Manley Feinberg is a mountain adventurer turned professional speaker.

After 18 years of business leadership, adventures around the world, and professional speaking, Manley is ready to help you reach your next summit.

Manley is recognized as an award winning speaker and Information Technology leader, business expert and author, published outdoor adventure photographer, and professional musician.

During Manley’s eleven years with Build-A-Bear Workshop, his leadership direction helped take the revolutionary retail concept from 40 stores to over 400 worldwide, realizing revenue growth from 55 million to over 474 million. He built an award winning reputation for implementing technology solutions and support that produced results for the business every day.

Manley’s inspirational keynotes are brought to life through his exceptional photography and riveting stories culminating from a lifetime of adventure through 25 countries, to over 400 outdoor destinations. Manley vividly shares compelling lessons from his adventure and leadership experiences in a way that allows you to relate to your mountains. He will have you hanging beside him surviving in the Himalayas, struggling to communicate in Uzbekistan, and immediately transfer the experience to moving you forward in your courageous efforts.

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Sometimes entrepreneurs feels stuck. They work hard and yet they feel they cannot get their career or business to the next level. Part of this is that we are never satisfied and we fail to see our own successes for what they are, and we move the goal farther out all the time.

In this episode Thom Singer shares his own story of feeling stuck, even with a successful business and he shares ideas that may inspire you if you can relate to that desire to get to the next level (without a clear path on how to get there). 

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When Christa Tuttle takes on a task, she goes in 100%. On September 10, 2001 she made a decision to start her own marketing company, and the next day the whole world changed with 9/11. In the face of a changing world, she pushed forward and started her business.

Fifteen years later she has a team of 15 people and leads a fast growing boutique marketing firm focused on high tech companies.

Prior to founding Launch Marketing, Christa worked for Austin venture capital firm TL Ventures, where she managed marketing in-house and lent her expertise to its portfolio companies, helping them develop marketing plans and bring their first products to market. Before that, she led a marketing team at enterprise software company Trilogy, where her team successfully drove more than 50% of the lead generation.

Christa is an active member of the Austin community, where she regularly mentors a tightly knit group of entrepreneurs, and has served on the board for the Technology Entrepreneurs’ eXchange. She has contributed time to organizations like Entrepreneurs Organization, Austin 360 Summit, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Austin Symphony BATS, Breakthrough and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Christa is a California native, has lived in Austin for more than 20 years, and has loved riding horses since she was a child. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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