Making Waves at C-Level

With a background in marketing and event planning, Jessica Levin, who is a bit of a futurist, is best known as a connector of people. She has a reputation as the “Go To” person regarding marketing, meeting and event design and anything involving trends in technology. Jessica uses social networking tools to build and strengthen both personal and business relationships and teaches others how to embrace social media as a way to create both corporate and personal brands.

Jessica’s professional background includes experience in the professional services, association management and industrial marketing. Her strategic approach to marketing includes a mix of both traditional marketing channels and web 2.0 tactics. She focuses on creating, strengthening and maintaining relationships for business and for the people that drive them.

When it comes to events, she considers herself an event re-imaginer and helps organizations change the way they look at the typical meeting or convention. From a technology perspective, Jessica encourages a "no-fear zone" learning environment which encourages people to embrace technology at their own pace.

Jessica is also the author of "Perfect Pairings: The Art of Connecting People"

Check out this episode where she shares her journey of entrepreneurship and advice for those who want to have their own business.

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Matt Wolski jumped right from college into being an entrepreneur. Now over three years later he has hit his stride with several ventures in both the marketing / branding space and the restaurant / bar world.

Found Media Group is a full service marketing and public relations firm focused on providing a one-stop solution for the entrepreneurial community. Our services range through the areas of web presence, graphic design, social media, multimedia, messaging and public relations. Matt found a niche serving solopreneurs and small business owners providing big-firm services to those who cannot afford the rates of giant agencies.

He also owns Parlor & Yard, an Austin, Texas bar in the popular West 6th Street area and will soon be opening a seafood restaurant called Coast.

Download this episode for a good view of how an aggressive entrepreneurial millennial has created his own path in the world and is inspiring others (including his own 59 year old father) to take the leap to a self-directed career.

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When an "expert" tells you your idea won't work, that might be good advice... or it might be crap. Sometimes you have to follow your heart if you want to find real success in your career and life.

Lucille Ball was told by acting coaches to find a different line of work, Oprah's boss in a local television market said she did not have what it took to make it in TV. The list of successful people who were told by experts that they could never reach their goals is long.

When someone gives you council to abandon your dream you need to make sure you understand what they are really saying. They are telling you that in their own experience they have not seen success in the path you are going, but they are not God. Only you will know if your journey is the right one.

In this episode Thom Singer talks about this topic of being steered off track by well meaning experts. He also shares the details of his own latest project, a One Man Show, and how there are people who roll their eyes at his project. But he is pushing forward anyway. He admits it might never become real, but it is too early to stop the pursuit.

Be realistic, but do not quit too soon or you may be leaving greatness behind.

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Seeking knowledge is not enough, we need to find mastery in our careers. Knowledge is not power, but a commodity. We can all find knowledge by doing a search on our phone. Success is there for people who become great in the right things and then take action.

To be leaders we need to show others that we have a compelling vision of the future. While we might have to pivot along the way, no goals or vision means we are adrift. People with no goals will often get lost in over thinking and research, and in a world where action is king, we lose if we are not moving forward.

You have to master yourself, your understanding of you clients, your sales / marketing, your relationships with your people, and you must master your systems. Those who do all of these pop up to the next level.

But chaos reigns for too many entrepreneurs. We have to stop the madness and stop hiding behind stress and "busy".

Focus on actions in sales, customer service and innovation.

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Success in the conference game can be a challenge. The demands are getting higher and the budgets seem to be getting smaller. The worst thing about having an amazing event is that the client will want a better one next year! One of the secrets to conference success is having someone who can hold everything together while adding extra value.

Warwick Merry is an accomplished business person, exhibitor, performer, host and facilitator. His clients call him “Australia’s best MC”.

Part of his continued success in the conference business is his authentic and engaging approach. As host, speaker, facilitator, MC, working with you to help plan the event or some combination of all of these, Warwick’s total focus is on your success.

His experience working the breadth of Australia and around the globe in industries such as: IT, Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, HR and Telecommunications means that you have experience on your side. Whether you are planning a gala dinner, a five day international reward and recognition trip or something in between, Warwick can add experience, value and success to your event.

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Ever Gonzalez is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the Co-Founder
and CEO of Outlier, an online publication, physical coworking
space, conference series, and podcast geared toward
the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs.

After years of working for others and being frustrated by how bosses can be sometimes, Ever felt he could do it better. After starting and selling several companies he now has Outlier and specializes in running events, hosting mastermind retreats, running a podcast, and other activities to help entrepreneurs find their path to success.

In this episode Ever Gonzalez shares his journey and gives advice for those who want to create their own path. @_EverGonzalez @OutlierOnAir

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Tim Storer leads strategic programs for Procter & Gamble, building ambitious organizations and creating collaborative external partnerships. He is also a board member for Siemen's PLM World.

In this episode we talk about how attending industry events can be a "cheat code" for success in your business. Too often people struggle to reinvent the wheel, but those who are engaged with others in similar jobs, they can learn short cuts from each other. Tim has great advice for people who are going to attend events for the first time, as some people are naturally good at participating in conferences, while others are never noticed at all.

The ROI of attending PLM World, or any conference, comes from planning ahead for conversations. Think of the areas you need to learn and have questions in your mind so that you can better navigate any encounter you have with other attendees or vendors/sponsors.

Tim is passionate in his own career about innovating how organizations work and entrepreneurship in the corporate world. This episode is a must listen for anyone wh wants to find more ways to succeed in their job.

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Entrepreneurs often have to reassess their customer base, enter new markets and pivot the direction of their company. Jessica Pettitt has lived this several times in her business career. Jessica is a speaker and consultant in the world of colleges and universities who has recently added new clients in the corporate and association world. While being a speaker in one market might seem the same as presenting in others, the reality is that a major move to a new environment can be a lot of work.

Jessica is an expert in diversity training and handling difficult situations in the workplace. She assists people within organizations to have conversations that matter and to get more done with the resources they have available now.

In this episode she shares her entrepreneurial journey and gives advice for those who are both looking to pivot and who need to make changes in how they are dealing with any issues in their work environment.

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Josh Packard is a sociologist who studies institutional participation in America at the University of Northern Colorado. He focuses on religious, professional and voluntary associations. He is a sought after speaker and trainer for corporate, religious and non-profit organizations. His research has appeared in numerous academic and trade publications, and he is the author, with Ashleigh Hope, of Church Refugees.

Josh is also the head of the Social Research Lab at the university. It is though this role that he gets to merge his academic career with his entrepreneurial side.

In this episode Josh shares his journey to being both a researcher and an entrepreneur and gives valuable advice for anyone who wants to be more entrepreneurial in a more traditional job environment.

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