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Justin Christianson is the best selling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and profits with A/B testing and is a 13 year veteran of digital marketing having worked on hundreds of profitable campaigns. A self proclaimed numbers junky with a firm belief that the numbers don’t lie, has a knack for finding holes in marketing campaigns and offering simple solutions to quickly plug them, effectively improving the results. An avid student of marketing and business, he firmly believes that you must continue to improve daily in order to stay ahead and succeed.

In this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do he shares his personal journey from a small town electrician to digital entrepreneur.

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Patrick Jovin is part of an entrepreneurial family. Mom, dad, brothers, a cousin, and his fiance are all working together. Thom called them "The Partridge Family of Entrepreneurship"

ogether they run Tropiceel and market the Naturulz natural pain products.

As he grew up his parents were always running and growing companies, so it made sense for Patrick and his brothers to join the family business. As a kid he chased the dream of being a professional golfer, but today he is an entrepreneur who is taking a small business and making it a much much bigger company.

This episode the shares the journey and how they are growing their company and taking their products national.

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Chris Thompson is a dynamic personality, endurance athlete and CEO of truBrain, a venture-backed neurotechnology startup and developer of the world&rsquo;s first nootropic drink. <br/><br/>He built the company based on productivity, and has a great story about transitioning from a corporate executive position into the world of startups. He is a perfect guest for a show like &quot;Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do&quot;.<br/><br/>Chris discusses his journey and shares amazing tips on entrepreneurship. He's a true example and disciple of the Lean Startup Methodology coined by Silicon Valley Icon, Eric Ries. Chris started truBrain in an accelerator, assembled a team of neuroscientists, and launched a product in 5 countries all within the first month. truBrain is designed to help provide better focus, increased mental stamina and improved verbal fluency. <br/><br/>Tune into episode 161 to hear about Chris Thompson, truBrain, and his best advice for what you can do to become a strong and driven entrepreneur. <br/><br/>

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Mike Dilbeck is the founder of Response Ability - A Call for Courage. He is a speaker, trainer and consultant who helps people find the ability to respond to any social situation by going beyond our fear and shame to demonstrate courage in momentary choices — In organizations. In business. In community. In life. — For colleagues. For family. For friends. For strangers.

Mike was guest number two on "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" in October 2014. To learn more about his journey, go back and hear that interview.

On this episode Mike shares a personal challenge that he is currently facing, and it is one that all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other business leaders should listen to. In January 2016 Mike was diagnosed with cancer. He has undergone one surgery and is preparing for another. As a solopreneur, who is also single, this diagnosis was scary and would leave anyone feeling very alone. Mike is dealing with the realities and the fear associated with the disease, but is also learning that he is not alone.

This episode is a powerful look at the unexpected curve balls that can hit anyone at anytime. He very candidly shares his experience and the lessons he has learned along the way.

We all assume "it wont happen to me", but when it does we need to get real very fast. From having money in the bank, to being open (or not) with our family, friends, clients, etc... to accepting help and love, Mike is on a journey and wants his experiences to help others learn, grow and prepare.

If you want to learn more about Mike and Response Ability visit his website:

To donate to help with his medical and life expenses visit the crowd share site -

Mike not only teaches people about courage, he is living with courage in his own life each day.

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There is more to networking than sending a LinkedIn request or reading someone's SnapChat. Real relationships lead to opportunity, but too often in business we get stuck at pre-judging the value of others and we fail to cultivate long-term and mutually-beneficial connections.

In this episode Thom Singer talks about the how and why of getting more engaged in the association and business events that we attend.

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Motivation and inspiration matter for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business leaders and anyone else. The idea of motivating employees gets push back, as people think that the whole idea is fluffy. Remember Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live and his skit about the motivational speaker who lived in a van down by the river? It was funny, but it did damage to the idea of motivation and the profession of motivational speakers. Many like to lambaste the concept of motivation and inspiration... but I believe it matters.

What is the opposite of motivation? De-motivation? So those who think motivation is useless.... are you seeking the opposite? While a motivation speech or an inspirational book wont forever change your life, consistent doses of things that fire you up will help you stay on track to reach your long-term success.

In this episode Thom Singer shares his personal struggles with staying motivated and dealing with issues that keep him from performing at his best. He also shares six tips to help you get focused on your own ways to get out of the rut so many find themselves in. Motivation matters and being around people who inspire you is key. Thom's tips are what gets him over his sadness and create a path back to his success trip, you need to find your own things.

6 Tips for Find Motivation and Inspiration

1. Listen to music that makes you smile.

2. Identify what is holding you back and be honest with yourself.

3. Have goals (long-term and short-term), as they make it easier for you to make the hard choices that come up daily.

4 A. Volunteer for a charity or other community cause.

4 B. Help another entrepreneur find success.

5. Exercise, get enough sleep, and make good food choices.

6. Get a coach or join a mastermind group (or join the "Cool Things Project".

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Tom Hunt is a TEDx Speaker, Dragon’s Den Failure And Founder of Virtual Valley a platform that connects Entrepreneurs and Rockstar Virtual Assistants with the mission of giving Entrepreneurs back 1 million hours of their time by 2018.

He left the life of London big business for a chance at creating his own entrepreneurial path and has never looked back. At the time of this interview he was on an extended visit to Poland with a friend, where they spent their days building online businesses, and nights out making friends. He is not cuffed to a desk, and loves the location freedom he has created in his business.

Hear his journey and get inspiration to follow your dreams.

Tom also sends an AWESOME weekly marketing tip to the legends that sign up here.
Twitter: @tomhuntio


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Nellie Akalp is an entrepreneur and legal business expert. She is an interesting guest on the podcast and shares nuts & bolts tips for our entrepreneurial community.

Nellie is a mom of four children who is married to her husband and business partner of 18 years. She and her husband started their first online legal document filing service in 1997 in their small apartment living room after purchasing a domain name for $100. In 2005 that company was acquired by Intuit for $20 million.

They soon found out that the corporate way of Intuit was not a good fit for them so they stepped down from the previous company and took a few years off. Too motivated to retire young, the couple got back to work in 2009 and launched where they help entrepreneurs start, grow and maintain their ventures. Throughout her career, Nellie has formed well over half a million LLCs for entrepreneurs across many industries.

Nellie shares tips on how to legally start a business at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Huffington Post and more. She would love to share some info for your entrepreneurial community about topics like business structure basics, why incorporate, what state to incorporate, when to incorporate, etc and/or just chat about her entrepreneurial story to inspire others to go after their business dreams.

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Tim Sanders is a multi-time best selling author, speaker and business consultant. Thom Singer has known Tim for over a decade and this episode is two old friends catching up and talking about sales and success.

Sanders has just released a new book, Dealstorming. Those in B2B businesses know that it takes a lot to get complex sales completed, and Tim has studied the best sales professionals in the world and has come up with ways that anyone can drive sales innovation.

Sanders explains his system and shows how it has helped drive results for many companies. The book includes real world examples from major corporations along with problem finding exercises, innovation templates, and execution strategies.

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Many people who listen to this show often reach out wanting to know more about the "business of speaking". For the past seven years Thom Singer has been a full time professional speaker and master of ceremonies, and along the way he has seen a lot of things.

Being active in the National Speakers Association has allowed Thom to meet working professional speakers, many of whom have become his closest friends. On this episode he shares his seven tips for what you need to know if you want to speak for a fee, and he gets advice from others who were present at the 2016 NSA Winter Conference in Austin, Texas.

Tune in and hear from:

Jason LeVasseur

Liz Weber, CSP

Scott Lesnick

Shawna Suckow

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE

Karen Jacobsen

Sylvie di Giusto

David Newman, CSP

If you want to become a professional speaker, or just speak more often as a side-business, this episode will inspire you about the business of meetings and speaking.

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