Making Waves at C-Level

Getting around people who will inspire you and help you along your journey is key to any entrepreneur. It is more important if you are a solopreneur. Sometimes the people you are closest to in your life (fiends, co-workers, spouse, etc....) are not able to give you the right level of support and guidance. Thus you need to network to find your tribe.

But networking gets a bad rap. Often people who are successful turn their back on "networking" as they are tired of random people and don't believe others can or will help them. These same people were usually helped on the way up, but their own prejudices cause them to isolate in public and to protect their time to much.

Networking is simply the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships where all involved can find more success. This means that choosing to be with people can have a meaningful impact on your business and career. Joining organizations, participating in community causes, taking up hobbies, and attending events are all great ways to discover new people.

Don't kid yourself, nobody is successful alone in a field. Commit to making others a priority and you will see value. Fear holds too many people back from getting involved and making connections.

Maybe the "Cool Things Project" is a good way for you to find some like-minded people.

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Butch Bellah is the author or "Sales Management for Dummies" and "The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars", and in this episode he shares his journey from a 21 year old commissioned sales person to owner of the company.

Today Butch is an author, speaker and sales consultant. Butch and Thom discuss the importance of sales in the success of any entrepreneur. If you think a great product or service is enough to grow your company, you will fall short of reaching your goals. Selling is the oldest profession, and getting right with the idea of being a sales person is key to the success of anyone in business.

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Has your year gotten off to the right start? Some people go into a new year with big hopes and dreams, but by the end of January they have fallen into the same ruts and routines that plagued them the year before.

Thom Singer spends this episode talking about actions. He wants to ensure that everyone realizes that a false start does not mean the whole year has to be blah. The time is now to take small actions each week that will add up to amazing results over the long run. Thom shares three areas where he is being intentional to make changes, and by taking baby steps he is already seeing the pay off.

Make 2016 the best year for your entrepreneurial journey. Become on of the people who takes ownership of their own destiny and who takes action.

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Samuel Anderson is a guy on the move. He has several businesses including the popular "Mr Preneur TV" where he and two friends chronicle their lives as entrepreneurs.

He is determined to make a difference in the lives of half a million people by being an example. Originally from Lynchburg, Va, he set out on a different path. While studying Business at Longwood University, he decided it was best to withdraw and embark on a new journey. A lifetime of building another's business was not in the cards.

In this episode Sam shares the ups and downs of a career as a self made business mogul

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TJ Sullivan has seen the ups and downs of the lifelong entrepreneurial career in this episode we share stories of things that went well and things that went… Not so well. This is an important episode for anyone interested in creating their own path for career and life.

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Brooke Muldoon (CEO) and Pete Smith (COO) from Bruks Bars are the guests on this episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do". They are young entrepreneurs who are growing a business creating delicious and healthy snacks.

As passionate food lovers and fitness junkies, they live to snack. They have an active lifestyle, but always found it difficult to find nutrition bars that fit within their dietary needs — something gluten, dairy, soy and egg-free — on the go. They were tired of hunting, so they decided to make their own. It was a tall order to balance wholesome, allergen-friendly ingredients with crave-able flavor, but they were up for the challenge.

Three years later they have a growing company and are creating a lifestyle that allows them to grow a business, impact the world, and live an adventurous lifestyle.

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Alex Charfen—entrepreneur, teacher, author, speaker—is on a mission.He has spent 3 decades on the front lines of entrepreneurship and business. His journey has taught him many things, but he believes he has discovered one key that could change everything for small business owners.

He is the author of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, and has spent years helping other entrepreneurs find success.

If done right your network will mean everything.. but Alex Charfen does not believe in cold calling people to pick their brain.

In this episode Alex shares his views on entrepreneurship. Society gives labels like ADD to those who can't sit still and want to change the status quo, but there are the people who are having the largest impact on business.

Being an entrepreneur gives you options, and being opinionated lets you follow through .... Alex has a lot of opinions and this episode is a real experience. Download today!!

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The first show of 2016 and Thom Singer gets real with his goals, challenges, and dealing with internal emotions, etc....

This episode is about getting real in the new year and finding the direction you need to grow your career and life as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or intrapreneur. You have to be intentional about where you want to go, and honest with yourself about any feelings and emotions that are limiting your progress.

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