Making Waves at C-Level

In this episode Thom Singer talks about all the areas of business that a solopreneur must take into account. Working for yourself is hard, but when every aspect of your business lands on your desk you must be prepared to handle them or outsource the key tasks.

Too many business owner ignore the areas of their business that is not their forte or that they do not enjoy. No matter what type of business you have there is still sales, marketing, management, HR/Benefits, logistics and travel, shipping, legal, strategic planning, accounting & finance, etc....

Before you launch out on your own you had better be ready to handle these. And if you are not ready to do all the sales and marketing, think twice about starting a company. Without clients there is no business, so someone (you) had better be ready to sell.

Join this episode and hear Thom Singer's view on being a solopreneur. Statistics show more and more people are becoming consultants and freelancers, so this topic is more important than ever.

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