Making Waves at C-Level

Thanksgiving Day is a time to show gratitude. This episode released on Thankgiving 2015 and Thom Singer shares a list of what he is grateful for.

We live in world where "I'm So Busy" has become a faux badge of honor. Yes, you are busy... but so is everyone. Stop making "busy" a competition. Instead of telling people you are busy, let them know you are fortunate.

What is Thom grateful for??? His parents, sibling, wife, kids, friends, the National Speakers Association, and Austin, TX. Tune in to hear this shore episode that focuses on the good things in life.

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Michael Hodson began his career in politics and then became a lawyer. But after ten years he left that behind to travel the world. Now he is the founder and CEO of Only in VR. His company specializes in 360-degree virtual reality video content in the travel vertical, music industry and for special events.

Michael has a great outlook about entrepreneurship and shares his advice to those who want to go create their own cool things.

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An entrepreneur from an early age, JV Crum III is an author, coach, podcaster and person who makes things happen. At the age of five he announced he wanted to become a millionaire, but once he got there he discovered that the money alone was not enough.

Listen to this episode and hear JV Crum's story and his advice for those who want to follow their own dreams to becoming an entrepreneur.

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In 2009 Greg Barth looked in the mirror and decided to stop being mediocre. Not fat, but not fit, he committed to changing his body, and this lead him to changing his whole life.

Greg joins Thom Singer for an impromptu interview for the podcast after they had lunch together while Greg was visiting Austin, TX for a mastermind meeting with other Body For Life Coaches. In this episode they discuss what it takes to change your mindset and get over being mediocre.

Discover more about Greg Barth at

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In this episode Thom Singer talks about all the areas of business that a solopreneur must take into account. Working for yourself is hard, but when every aspect of your business lands on your desk you must be prepared to handle them or outsource the key tasks.

Too many business owner ignore the areas of their business that is not their forte or that they do not enjoy. No matter what type of business you have there is still sales, marketing, management, HR/Benefits, logistics and travel, shipping, legal, strategic planning, accounting & finance, etc....

Before you launch out on your own you had better be ready to handle these. And if you are not ready to do all the sales and marketing, think twice about starting a company. Without clients there is no business, so someone (you) had better be ready to sell.

Join this episode and hear Thom Singer's view on being a solopreneur. Statistics show more and more people are becoming consultants and freelancers, so this topic is more important than ever.

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"It is not about what you can or cannot do, it is about what you are good or not good at", says Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas. His company, which he co-founded ten years ago, is a leader in demand generation strategy. He has helped lead this company to great success, and on this episode of Cool Things he shares his experience and advice for those who want to be entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Do you ever worry that one day you will wake up and say "I wish I had followed my dream of being an entrepreneur"? Carlos did not want to be one of those people.... so he went for it, knowing the worst case outcome was he did not succeed and went back to working for an established company. Today Annuitas is an established company that is a great place for him, and others, to work.

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Jeffrey Shaw has always worked for himself. After going to school to learn photography he became a celebrated portrait photographer with a successful business and strong reputation. But he had the entrepreneurial desire to help more people and create deeper impact than the could taking pictures.

Today he is a successful coach who works with creatives on how to grow a business around their talent. Taking his experiences growing a business as a photographer, he now assists other in getting out of their own way to excel in their fields.

By 2030 it is expected that 60% of the population will work as freelancers, but what does that really mean and what does work and life look like with that type of cultural shift? Tune into this episode to hear Jeffrey share his journey as an entrepreneur and find his pearls of wisdom on how to succeed.

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You do not have to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial. Ken Sien has worked for the same company, Experient, for nearly 25 years. In that time he has grown his career by treating his job as if it was his own business.

Some of the hardest working people on the planet are event professionals. the meetings industry requires people to work long hours, be creative, and to risk new ideas. Ken has seen lot of changes over his time in this business, and is a perfect example of an "intrapreneur".

Join Ken and Thom Singer as they discuss the meetings business and Ken's career journey.

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