Making Waves at C-Level

Zack Obront is the co-founder of Book in a Box (co-founded with Tucker Max). Zack always knew that he had the calling to be an entrepreneur, and immediately after college he chose a path of self-direction. While he interned at a major Canadian financial institution, he never took the traditional job journey. While he loves to code, he knows that a job where he is not emotionally invested could not fulfill him at the core.

Join in this episode and hear Zach's journey, his love of being an entrepreneur, his advice to working with partners, etc... He has seen first hand how selecting the people around you can lead to a better and more fulfilling workplace, and he is one who gives of his time. Having only lived in Austin, TX for a few months is a volunteer at a local feed the homeless program and a volunteer with Austin Pets Alive.

This is a great episode and you will enjoy learning from Zach's journey.

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Louis D'Agostino played in the NFL and learned a lot as a professional athlete. He has transferred that what he knew to be true in sports into business. He goes in with a plan, and prepares full time to serve his clients. There is no such thing as luck, it is when opportunity meets preparation.

As a partner in the successful Iron Cove Partners, Lou serves clients in the financial service industries as well as other businesses. He is the father of four, who loves his life as an entrepreneur because of the opportunity to provide for his family, and the flexibility to be there for his kids.

Join in on this conversation as Lou and Thom Singer discuss his journey and the advice he has for others looking to score their career touchdowns.

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Cory Damon knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but first he went to work for another company, which lasted more than a decade. Now he is a partner in The Change Element, a coaching and consulting firm that is focused on helping others reach success and significance.

Known as "The Treasure Hunter", Cory is compelled to help people find their core value.

Many chase success, but without significance that achievement can be empty. For Cory, it is key to understand people and know where they want to go. Life is a journey of discovery.

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Thom Singer was invited to a breakfast with three people who are living their life at a higher level. Halfway through the meal Thom realized that he was not on par with his fellow Breakfast Club Members. Rather than feeling small or intimidated, he decided to grasp this opportunity to learn at the feet of giants.

Four days later he is still inspired by the conversation, and has vowed to make this random encounter meaningful. He wishes he could afford to hire them all as his personal coaches, but the cost of that is more than Thom can afford, But he has decided to make them all his teachers. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.... and these three achievers have a ton of IP available online and he want to consume it.

Join this episode for a dose of inspiration about learning from others and thinking about how you can take the examples from high achievers to motivate your own success.

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Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and to have a lasting and successful life you have to be fully honest with yourself and the situations you face. Steve Golab had run his own interactive agency for 20 years, but changes in the economy and a major health scare caused him to look closely at how he wanted to live his life.

Walking away from your own business to take a job seems scary for many entrepreneurs, but if you get inspired to be the best version of yourself, and if you can let go of ego, the future can be awesome.

In this episode Steve Golab is open and candid about the decisions he made and shares his entrepreneurial and now intrapreneurial journey.

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Mike Sigers has been a professional sales person for over 25 years and he does it the old fashioned way.... through relationships. Mike uses social media (he is very active of Twitter), but says that online is not for sales, it is "social" (which is why it is called "social media"). In this episode he shares awesome insights that entrepreneurs need to think about when selling and when hiring sales people.

*Don't just "show up and throw up" when talking to prospects.

*Do not let HR hire your sales people.

*Work to help others get what they want.

No matter what industry you are in, sales is the name of the game. Tune into this episode and get advice from a seasoned selling master.

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What traits do those who perform at the top levels share? After interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs and meeting tens of thousands of people at conferences each year, Thom Singer has some ideas of what it takes to be at the top of your game.

In this episode Thom shares some ideas of what those who in the one percent of their industries have in common. Top performers are confident, seek to learn, are open to new ideas, share their ideas with others, have a focus on what they desire, look to the future, have "Follow Through DNA", network like crazy, are good at sales, and are genuinely nice people.

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Thom Singer talks about why he is excited to have had a long career in sales and how sales should be celebrated in a company. "Social Selling" does not work for most companies, and we have to get back to being focused on the human-to-human, belly-to-belly sales skills in order to grow a businesses bottom line.

People want to know they matter and a "like", "link", "share" or "follow" is not the same as a business relationship. Thom recommends before every conversation with client or prospects that you ask yourself what it is they want from this interaction. Zig Ziglar said it best.... "You can have anything you want in life, if you help others get what they want in life"

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Great entrepreneurs often work inside companies. In this episode Thom chats with Scott Ingram from Certain, Inc. As a Strategic Account Executive Scott is more than a sales person, but someone who is helping drive not only his own visibility but that of his company.

Hear how he worked with his employer to launch a book and a podcast ("Making Rain with Events") as a way to drive awareness and revenue for the company.

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