Making Waves at C-Level

Thom Singer met Jeff Root at a SDSU Alumni Happy Hour in Austin, TX. Within five minutes he knew Jeff had to be a guest on the podcast. Jeff has been working for himself or in 100% commission roles since graduating from college. As a life insurance salesman he converted his agency to being online, and now teaches other agents how to grow their business with the internet.

Join the conversation about business, travel, family life and how to create the life you want as an entrepreneur as Thom and Jeff chat about success.

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Celebrate 100 shows of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" with Thom Singer. In this show Thom shares life advice he would give his kids (who are starting college and 8th grade)... but the advice is perfect for all of us who want to live the life of an entrepreneur.

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"Don't ask for permission, go do it" is the advice from business celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett. Hayzlett says that business is hard work... yes WORK!! Being an entrepreneur will take more time and money than you think up front... but when you listen to this episode you can tell from his voice that he is excited about growth and success.

Hayzlett is the author of the soon to be released book "Think Big, Act Bigger". Listen as he shares all the cool things they are doing to launch this new book (including free chocolate!!).

Listen in on this episode and you will be inspired.

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Stephen Lahey is an executive recruiter and the host of the Small Solo Business Podcast. He has a great head for business and knows a lot about the world of solopreneurs.

Tune in for a great interview and high level advice for everyone.

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Greg Barth has re-invented and re-launched his life. Starting with fitness he has gone from an average 40 year old, to a fitness trainer who has recreated how he looks, eats and feels.

In this episode Greg and Thom talk about going from average to great by focusing on thoughts and actions. Greg works in the software industry, but is a wonderful example of an entrepreneur who is growing a successful business on the side.

Tune in and be inspired by Greg Barth.

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Speakers Bureaus are not always understood by speakers or the clients who hire speakers, trainers and masters of ceremonies. Nancy Vogl has been in the business of connecting speakers and meeting organizers for over 25 years. A life-long entrepreneur, Nancy fell into the speaking business through her love of the industry. One day she found she was booking speakers (for free) when Og Mandino told her she should make it her full time career. The rest is history. 

This year Nancy is taking her business on the road and will travel to 39 states to visit her clients, prospects, and speakers. Listen to this episode and hear about her business, and learn from her years of experience.

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Thom Singer believes that we all have blind spots, and that hiring a business or life coach can be a great way to open up doors that are right in front of us. Often the smallest things that someone with a fresh point of view can suggest can have the biggest impact on our careers. Nobody is an expert on everything, and getting formal coaching from somebody will allow you to make the changes you are seeking. 

Finding a coach can be hard. The right person is out there, and not all coaches cost more than you can afford. When the student is ready the teacher will appear, but you have to know what you are looking for in order to find the right person whom you can afford. You have to invest in yourself, but you should not spend more than you are comfortable with spending. 

In this episode Thom shares his experiences with coaches, talks about some of his experiences as a coach, and pushes everyone to do more and achieve at their highest potential.

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Thom Singer is excited about the inspiration, ideas, and accountability he gets from mastermind groups. He is active in two, and participates in others. In this episode he shares why you should be active with other people who want to help you succeed (and who you want to help in their own journey).

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