Making Waves at C-Level

 Charlie Tremendous Jones said, "You will be the same person in 5 years that you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet". If you are looking to re-launch or level-up in your life or career, it is important that you are intentional in getting around people who inspire you.

In this episode Thom Singer talks about how to get around people who will help you grow to the next level. No guest this time, just Thom sharing his ideas about why people need to be your priority.

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Paul Grabowski is the CMO of Bracewell & Giulliani LLP and the co-author of "The ABCs of Legal Marketing" (written with Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do host, Thom Singer). 

Paul believes that to be successful attorneys must think like entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when doing good work will lead to more business. Today lawyers must embrace all aspects of running a successful business, including sales, marketing and business development.

Thom Singer sits down with Paul in his Houston office to talk about what lawyers can learn from other industries, and what all businesses can learn from successful lawyers. They also talk about their new book.

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At 19-years-old Ravi Govind has done more in business than many of us will ever attempt in a lifetime. The lack of available internships for high school students caused him to launch his own company as a freshman. While the enterprise software development platform did not become the next Microsoft, he still considers this one of his greatest learning opportunities.

He finished high school early, and worked full time for a large public school district before enrolling at Hofstra University in New York. Once there he help found, and is now the president of Accelerate Hofstra. This organization assists student-led businesses as early as the idea stage, but specializes in helping members scale existing business effectively.

Join in and listen as Ravi shares his entrepreneurial experience, enthusiasm and ideas.

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Are you suffering from "Adultitis"? That disease where you have forgotten the joys of childhood. Jason Kotecki says there is a difference between being chilidish and child-like, and he thinks we all need to get back to the curiosity and joy that we often forget to embrace as grown ups.

Jason is an artist, speaker, and the author of several books, including "Penguins Can't Fly & 39 Other Rules That Don't Exist".

Join us for this episode as we discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, family man, artist, author, speaker and all around nice guy.

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Sara Canaday is a leadership expert, career strategist, speaker, and the author of the popular business book "You According to Them: Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and career".

She did not set out to be an entrepreneur, but life took her in a new direction to find more fulfillment. Thinking she and her husband would not be able to have kids, she launched a business, and then got pregnant with her first of two children.

Growing a family and a business was challenging, but these days she cannot imagine life without both. Join us on this episode as Sara shares her advice on entrepreneurship, career, and life.

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For his birthday episode Thom Singer explores the idea of "Leveling Up". The concept is tossed around a lot, but he is looking for real ideas on how to perform better in business and life.

Next year is a big milestone birthday, so this episode is a public declaration on taking his life as a speaker, podcaster, husband, father and friend to the next levels.

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Susan RoAne has been in business for 35 years. In that time she has come to know that it is people that make a huge difference for entrepreneurial success.

Susan is an author and speaker who is known as "The Mingling Maven". Her best-selling book, "How To Work a Room" has sold more than one million copies in 13 countries. 

Listen to this episode as she shares her journey and advice for a long life in business, and reminds us all that networking is a lifestyle.

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Chris Hyde was an Evangelical pastor who was not being true and honest with himself or those around him in regards to his sexuality. His coming out meant leaving his job and his family, and he was faced with re-inventing and re-launching his entire life. But after 20+ years working in conservative churches, he was no longer wanted as a pastor within the denomination. He had to start his career and his life over without the support of the co-workers he had come to think of as friends.

Today he has done just that and has found happiness and success. He is married again (to a man) and is in the process of becoming re-ordained in a more progressive church and will be seeking a role of senior pastor. His lessons are important for anyone who faces change and in this episode he shares his experiences and advice for business and life. 

Chris is also the co-host of a new podcast, The Progressive Soul, where he and his co-host tackle important issues.

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