Making Waves at C-Level

Can you carve a new path at age 40, 50 or beyond? Thom Singer believes that you can re-start you life and achieve a new career at any point in life... but it takes an commitment to change. It is easy to get stuck in a routine, and that can hold you back from finding the life you desire.

In this episode Thom shares his thought on re-invention and some ideas on what you can do to begin the journey to a new you.

No guest on this show, but just a series of ideas on how to get excited about re-launching your life.

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Seth Greene is an award winning expert in direct response marketing. Based on the East Coast, Seth's company 'Market Domination' has helped clients throughout the United States increase sales and gain new customers.

You can find out more about Seth at

Listen to this episode as Seth shares his journey to becoming and entrepreneur.

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The show title is "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", and this episode delivers. Dr. Deborah Gilboa got her BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University before working in Television and Theatre (including working with Second City in Chicago). With a great job and a cool production company, she left it all to go to Medical School. 

Today she is a medical doctor with an active practice, an author, speaker, parenting expert and the mother of four growing sons (under the age of 14).

She does not get boxed in as an entrepreneur, and does not seem to see limits. She finds out how past experiences prepare her for the next career and then goes for it (from Theater to Medicine is just one example).

Join in this episode and hear her story.

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Kenny Van Zant is a serial entrepreneur who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Since his days at the University of Texas he has worked for start ups. He is now the Head of the Business Team at the San Francisco based Asana.

In this episode Kenny shares his entrepreneurial journey and his advice for those who want to start their own business. 

Follow Kenny on Twitter at @kennyvz

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Joel Trammell is a successful CEO and entrepreneur with a 20-year career in IT-related software companies. He is currently CEO of Khorus, which provides a business management system for CEOs and other leaders. He is also Chair Emeritus of the Austin Technology Council and Co-founder and Managing Partner of private equity firm Lone Rock Technology Group. In addition, he serves on the boards of several public, private and nonprofit companies.

Joel’s leadership as a CEO has resulted in successful nine-figure acquisitions by two Fortune 500 companies. As CEO of network management software firm NetQoS, he delivered 31 consecutive quarters of double-digit revenue growth and nearly $60 million in revenue. CA Technologies acquired the company in 2009, generating more than 10x return on capital to its private equity investors. In 2010, he co-founded Cache IQ, a storage software company that NetApp acquired two years later.

Joel is committed to using his experience to help current and aspiring CEOs. In addition to The American CEO blog and his new book – The CEO Tightrope – he has regular columns at and In addition, he runs a CEO seminar in Austin every year in conjunction with the Rice Alliance and the Austin Technology Council.

Joel holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana Tech University and is a former instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power School.

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Cathy and three children.

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From the courtroom to the boardroom, Linda Byars Swindling, JD, CSP, is the premier authority in high-stakes communications, negotiating workplace drama, and influencing decision makers. Her specialty is helping people communicate powerfully so that others will listen.

Listen in on this episode as Linda shares her journey from law firm partner to solopreneur business owner.

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Mike Domitrz, CSP, is an author and educator who has devoted his life to the mission of The Date Safe Project. Mike and his team provide parents, educators, middle schools, high schools, colleges, university campuses, and military installations the SKILLS for addressing consent, respect, bystander intervention, teen dating, sex education, abstinence, sexual assault (rape), and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

In the past 2 decades, Mike has spoken on 4 continents and to hundreds of educational and/or military institutions. Currently, he presents to audiences in over 75 cities each year. His clients range from local school districts and parenting organizations throughout the country to some of the nation’s most prestigious college campuses to the US Military (both stateside and overseas). 

In episode 69 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Mike talks with Thom Singer about his entrepreneurial journey.

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Laurie Guest, CSP, is an entrepreneur at heart. She went from working in the healthcare industry to being a speaker and trainer serving a wide variety of industries. 

After eleven years as the owner of Solutions Are Brewing, professional speaking and training company she has found that all industries, not just healthcare clients, are interested in the secrets to better customer service. 

Laurie speaker all over the United States on how to attract and keep new customers and develop a team that can deliver the best service possible.

In this interview she shares her entrepreneurial journey and gives her best tips for those who want to start a business. She also talks about "Sweet Spot Pricing", a topic that is important to every business.

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