Making Waves at C-Level

Dave Lutz is one of the best connected people in the meetings and events industry. After a 22 year career with ExpoExchange (now Experient) he launched Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. He has built a team of six amazing industry experts, and together they help clients in the association and corporate world with "annual meeting improvement".

Dave believes that your network is key to success. In today's digital world he still believes the power is in face-to-face. He also knows that having the right people who bring complementary skills is how a small company will succeed. 

Listen to this episode as Thom Singer talks with Dave Lutz about his career, his entrepreneurial journey and his advice for others.

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Shion Deysharkar is the CEO of Datafiniti, an Austin based technology company. The Datafiniti team is a group of people passionate about data. Every day data is changing how we live and work. Because of this, the Datafiniti team feel that data has the potential to transform the world. They are working to make it easier for this transformation to happen. Datafiniti makes it possible for everyone to tap into the potential of the largest source of data that exists – the Internet itself.

Listen to this episode as Thom Singer chats with Shion about his company, his entrepreneurial journey, Carnegie Mellon University, Austin, TX and advice for those looking to start their own company.

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Stacy Tetschner is the CEO of the National Speakers Association. These days associations need to be nimble and take risks to behave more like entrepreneurial ventures in an effort to stay relevant to their members.

Join this conversation as Thom Singer and Stacy Tetschner discuss ways associations behave like a business. Hear about how "Non-profit is our tax status, not our business strategy" and how what the NSA and New Coke have in common.

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Robert Bradford is the CEO of The Center for Simplified Strategic Planning. He has spent 27 years working with interesting clients assisting them in their growth through his unique focus on strategy.

A graduate of Princeton and Dartmouth, he joined his father's consulting business after obtaining his MBA and has never looked back. He likes being the boss because he calls the shots, but admits that it can also be lonely when you have to be in charge.

Robert works with companies all over the world, but uses his international business as an example of how long term planning takes time. He set the plan two years before the clientele appeared, but as a future thinker he knows that success requires a plan, action and patience.

Download this episode and share it with your friends and co-workers.

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Thom Singer shares his ten tips for being a master of ceremonies. Being the EmCee is very different than speaking at an event. It takes more planning and a mix of personality and event management skills. Tune into this episode and hear his advice for the next time you host a meeting, awards show, or conference.

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James Hahn II joins Thom Singer on this episode to talk about the windy road to career and life success.  

James is the Founder & CEO of Tribe Rocket. He is recognized throughout the oil and gas industry as a visionary leader of the great crew change. He began his career in the oil business working as the digital marketing manager for Drillinginfo where he increased blog traffic by over 2,000% in one month, attained over 1,900 email opt-ins in less than 6 months, and established the company as a “best in class” thought leader in the industry. 

Listen in for his insights and advice for people who want to forge their own path.

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A fantastic conversation about entrepreneurship and the power of having awesome presentation skills. In this episode Thom Singer chats with best selling author Michael Port about his journey and gets great tips for those who want to have their own business.

Called “an uncommonly honest author" by the Boston Globe, a "marketing guru" by The Wall Street Journal, and a “sales guru” by the Financial Times, Michael Port is a NY Times bestselling author of five books including Book Yourself Solid and The Think Big Manifesto. His 6th book, Steal the Show is being released this Fall of 2015. 

Interestingly, he is probably the only NY Times bestselling business book author to have also been a successful professional actor, guest starring on shows like Sex & The City, Law & Order, Third Watch, All My Children and in films like The Pelican Brief and Down to Earth. 

These days, Michael can be seen regularly on MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS as an on air expert in communication and business development.

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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do goes international with this interview with Donal Scannell, CEO of Gigstarter (From Dublin, Ireland).

Gigstarter was created with the intention to improve the process of putting on great live gigs and events. Donal and his team have developed a platform that provides valuable insight into fan data, but also gives a much fairer deal to all who participate in the event.

The love bringing people together, but often potential organizers worry about selling enough tickets to cover the costs. Gigstarter takes away the fear and pain by enabling your to sell tickets first and only confirm an event when the costs are covered. This breaks down the barriers to arranging events.

Listen to this episode and hear Donal's journey as an entrepreneur. He shares a lot of insights into the path of starting and running your own business.

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Thom Singer has been working as a solopreneur for six years. He is a professional master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, consultant and coach. During his time as a solopreneur he has experienced the good and bad of running his own business. 

In this episode he shares his "20 Tips for Solopreneurs" and reviews how his own experiences have lead him to growing his career.

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