Making Waves at C-Level

Ryan Williams is a technology and online media entrepreneur, interested in the consumer web, social media, e-commerce, mobile, and gaming. He loves launching ideas, start-ups, and businesses online.

Ryan has a proven track record in marketing and business development with experience in social media, business development, brand strategy & management, mobile, and video content marketing. 

He is the host of the "Influencer Economy" Podcast and is working on releasing a book by the same title.

He joins Thom Singer for this conversation about his experiences moving from a career as an employee to over a year as a solopreneur.

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Peter is CEO of Certain, Inc. a San Francisco based SaaS provider of a complete enterprise event management platform that powers personalized event experiences and enables meaningful connections to accelerate business for corporations, meeting management companies and event producers worldwide. 

He has more than 25 years of public and private business software company experience including roles as CEO, president, general manager, sales executive and board member. 

His experience includes successful roles as president of Cognos Corp. the leading business intelligence vendor (acquired by IBM); CEO of NativeMinds, Inc. (acquired by Verity/Autonomy now HP); CEO of Kinecta Corp. (acquired by Stellent now Oracle). In addition, Peter served as a director of Centura, Inc. a NASDAQ traded company.

Listen to this episode where Thom Singer talks to Peter Micciche about his career journey.

** Check out the book mentioned in this episode: "Making Rain With Events" by Scott Ingram. This book was released in conjunction with Certain, Inc... and Thom Singer contributed one of the chapters.

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March in Austin, Texas means the South by Southwest Festival. Thom Singer took his mobile studio with him to the SXSW Interactive events and interviewed several attendees about why they come to SXSW and their thoughts on entrepreneurship.

If you were not present at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival, listen to this episode for a taste of the coolness that happens in the hallways and at rooftop parties during this annual gathering.

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What is a "Mastermind Group" and why do some people say they make all the difference for success. There are CEO groups like EO, YPO, Vistage, etc... and there are paid online groups, weekend groups, etc... Thom Singer belongs to a formal Mastermind Group with four other professional speakers, all of whom credit the group with their continued success.

This episode was recorded at the SXSW Interactive Festival before Thom, Jessica Pettitt and Gerry O'Brion lead a conversation on the topic" "Mastermind Construction Zone". Listen to this edition of the show as they share their ideas on how to create a group, keep it going, and what benefits they have seen.

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This episode is a "Podcast Simulcast". Bob Nolley, PhD of the Labrador Leadership Podcast and Thom Singer have a chat about leadership and entrepreneurship that is being aired on both shows that will be released on the same day. 

Dr. Bob Nolley is a leader and educator that is committed to the success of businesses and individuals through coaching. The strategy used to help executives, managers, team leaders, employees, and individuals is based on the creation of an environment that allows them to remove themselves from the pressing task list of the day and give thoughtful consideration and reflection on their experiences and challenges. In doing this they find a much greater probability of better choices that create alternative actions leading to successful outcomes.

More information at

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Brendan Hufford is a teacher, high school administrator, the founder of OK! Komonos and the host of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee Podcast. He has an internal engine for entrepreneurship that has one speed... FAST. Listen to this episode as he shares this vision and desires for all business professionals to grow and thrive.

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John Lee Dumas is the host of one to the top business podcasts on the planet. He is a former Army officer (Thank you to John for his service to the country) who found is way to his own business. His Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Podcasters Paradise course, and several other business ventures are his vehicles to success.

Tune in for this episode as Thom and John discuss the entrepreneurial journey and get to know John a little bit better as he shares the ups and downs of his career.

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Dave Lewis is the founder and CEO of Demand Gen International, an Inc. 500 global consulting firm. Dave began his career at Microsoft and then moved to other Silicon Valley companies before launching DemandGen in 2007.

Listen to this episode as Dave Lewis shares great advice for those who want to go after their dreams and start a business.

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Steve Harper has been working for himself for over 23 years. He has started several businesses and continues to work with start ups and growing companies. He is a speaker, trainer, consultant and the author of "The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business.

In this episode Steve share his advice and observations for entrepreneurs. 

This is episode 50 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.

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