Making Waves at C-Level

Stacey Vicari has been a life coach since long before most people even knew that was a thing. She has spent the better part of 15 years helping her clients find success in business, health, and relationships. She has the touch to guide people towards discovering their best self, and helps them release their talents. 

Listen to this episode and hear Stacey and Thom discuss her entrepreneurial journey and share advice for those who want to get their own piece of business success. 

Stacey has great energy, and in this conversation she shares several nuggets of advice that will help everyone.

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John Corcoran takes the time to make connections. Not random links, but clearly thought out introductions that allow other to start conversations that grow into long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Along the way he has become friends with many movers and shakers and has grown his own career.

At 23 years old, John landed a job as a Writer in the Clinton White House. He didn't go to an Ivy League School, come from a family of wealthy donors, or have any “insider connections” to land him the job. He got the job because he is good at developing relationships with the right people. He is good at getting to know VIPs and other successful leaders. 

John Corcoran is a business consultant, practicing attorney, and the host of the "Smart Business Revolution Podcast".

Listen to this episode and hear John speak with Thom about his entrepreneurial journey.

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NATSO has been representing travel plaza and truckstop owners and operators for over 50 years and pursues a clear mission: to advance the success of truckstop and travel plaza members by delivering solutions to members’ challenges and achieving the public policy goals of the truckstop and travel plaza industry.

Thom Singer had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the 2014, and returned in 2015 to speak to their "Future Leaders" group. While at the show, he interviewed several members and vendors about the changes in their industry, and how others can learn from the entrepreneurs, often second and third generation family members, who run these businesses.

The best entrepreneurs are observers, and realize they can find inspiration from a variety of other industries. Listen to this episode for a new perspective and ideas on business success.

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Pat Flynn had a degree from a top college and a great job in a successful architecture firm when he got laid off. He thought he had life all figured out, but he had to start over. Today he is one of the top thought leaders with several businesses and three highly successful podcasts.

Pat believes that your earnings are a bi-product of how well you serve your audience, and it is clear in this interview that Pat is a dedicated to serving everyone.

Join Thom as he chats with Pat Flynn about life, business, philanthropy, family and much more.

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Lisa McKenzie began her career working for a big company and moved on to starting her own business. Today she is the CEO and Founder of Ooh La Bra and the producer of You Night Empowering Events. 

I first met Lisa over 25 years ago on the way to a college leadership conference. She is a great friend who has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in two very different industries. She also has a giving heart and wants to help serve the greater good. 

Listen to this episode for some great stories, and amazing advice for business and charity.

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Gary Loper believes in keeping an open mind, as you never know when the right person will hear the right message. Gary has dedicated every day of the past 25 years on personal development. His lifelong enthusiasm and passion is to assist individuals in becoming their best.

Listen to this episode as Thom chats with Gary about Twitter, personal growth, new age success, and much more. Keep an open mind, and learn from Gary's open heart look at the world.

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I believe most entrepreneurs are givers who want to make a difference in the world. In this episode we explore ways that entrepreneurs and companies tie their success to the greater good, Tune in for three short discussions on this topic.

Each February Thom Singer and his family host a fundraiser that benefits the cranio-facial team at the Dell Children's Medical Center. Thom's youngest daughter, Kate, was born with a condition where the bones in her skull were fused together before birth. She underwent reconstructive surgery at age 6 months. Today she is fabulous. But to give back the family started the "Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Surgery.

In addition to the money they donate from their own income, each February they host a fundraiser to add to the endowment. If you would like to donate you can do so at

This episode has three interviews: Kim Trumbo from Generosity Philosophy, Laurie Loew from Give Realty, and Eugene Sepulveda from the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas.

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Marty Thompson, CEO or Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, shares his journey to the top of this 160 year old company. How does a company remain entrepreneurial after so many years? They doubled sales over the last decade, and continue to look for ways to innovate and serve their local community. 

Tune into this episode as Thom Singer talks with Marty about having the entrepreneurial spirit inside a big company.

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