Making Waves at C-Level

Gerry O'Brion knows about branding. His company, "What Big Brands Know" teaches solopreneurs and small business owners the secrets behind growing their reach with customers. In this episode we talk about what big brands know and the power of having a plan and setting goals. As the new year launches (or anytime of the year) it is paramount to success that you have clear targets that you want to achieve. Do not leave your future up to chance, join in and listen to this show.

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Steve Woods is on his second start-up, Nudge. He was the co-founder and CTO of Eloqua, which sold to Oracle in 2012. He has a keen eye for the transformations in world of sales, and has made a career out of helping selling professionals build stronger relationships and better trust. Tune in to this episode as Steve shares his experiences and observations about entrepreneurs.

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Tammy Shaklee met her husband through a matchmaker. Eager to help a gay friend find love the same way, she discovered the LGBT community did not have as many offline choices to making connections with others seeking a love relationship. The entrepreneurial chance to start something new appeared, and she founded H4M, now a national service serving the LGBT community. Listen as Tammy shares her journey from broadcasting to government to entrepreneurship.

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Brandon Epstein is an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others achieve better health and fitness. As a health and performance coach and the host of "The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast" his mission is to help business professionals live a life of flow. That entails mastery of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. Brandon has a ton of ideas and enthusiasm, and is living the life of an entrepreneur. Tune in to hear this episode and learn more about his path to success.

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How you present ideas makes a difference in how others view you and your company. Being able to speak well is a secret weapon in business. For this episode Thom Singer brought his microphone to the Toastmasters District 55 Fall Conference and interviewed participants about how and why presentation skills impact a successful career.

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Dustin Wells began as a musician who never wanted to work in a corporate job. He started making websites, and now he heads a growing business that serves the fortune 1000 and government agencies. He is focused on corporate culture, helping employees maximize their potential, and corporate social responsibility. Listen to this episode to hear about his journey and learn from his experiences.

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This episode is a compilation of interviews with people whose careers are dedicated to advising college fraternity and sororities. While attending the AFA Annual Meeting Thom Singer had the opportunity to interview several hard working and interesting people about their jobs, education, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

On first glance one might wonder what business people can learn from these college and university professionals? However a sense of innovation and a dedication to educating college men and women for their future careers and lives is not just a career, it is a mission to the people who work in this profession.

The AFA (Association of Fraternity / Sorority Advisors) has an ongoing commitment to the professional development of its members, a deep appreciation of both academic and applied research that examines the entire spectrum of the fraternity/sorority experience and the advising profession, and a commitment to collaborations within and between the higher education and interfraternal communities.

The Greek System is often portrayed negatively in the news media, often for a variety of negative situations that should not be happening. However, the positive impact that these organizations have on their campuses, communities and individual members is often overlooked.

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Hugh Forrest has been with SXSW Interactive since the very beginning. In this episode we talk about the reasons that entrepreneurs flock to Austin each spring to participate in this unique conference. Join us as we talk about SXSW, entrepreneurship, charity, etc....

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After ten years working for a corporation, Jim Palmer found himself out of work for 15 months.  That was when he decided to take his future into his own hands.  Now 13 years later he is a successful consultant, coach and speaker.  In his episode Jim shares his advice on how and why he enjoys being his own boss.

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Having passion is the key to Ross Bernstein's success. From his days as the mascot for the University of Minnesota hockey team (He was Goldy the Gopher) to highly successful speaking business, Ross gives 100%. Listen as Ross gives great advice to anyone who wants to get more out of their career and life.

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Improv, Brading and the Hospitality Industry are three things that Judi Holler loves. She now spends her time merging all three together with her BrandProv training sessions. She is a self-made entrepreneur who has energetic spirit that you will enjoy when you listen to this episode.

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Misty Williams was not willing to be held back by anything, so she took charge of her own path. A career of serving artists and speakers has lead her to running her own business and creating a life she loves. Listen to this episode as we a talk about business, women in business and success for everyone.

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Honoree Corder is a coach who helps people take short term actions to create long term results. Her dad told her at a young age that if "you work for a company, someone will get rich and it wont be you.... do not let others get the fruits of your labors". She took control of her own career early and has never looked back. Listen to our conversation as Honoree shares many ideas that will educate and inspire.

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Over twenty years ago Steve Semken followed his passion for books and his love of writing and created Ice Cube Press, a Midwestern Literary Publisher. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss his entrepreneurial journey and the importance of being a "Dream Maker". To find success, sometimes entrepreneurs just have to take action.

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The Meetings Industry has some of the most interesting entrepreneurs. Cindy Lo founded Red Velvet Events twelve years ago, and she continues to grow the business. Cindy started as a technical project manager in a software company and took the leap to a new industry and started her business. Today she serves clients globally with her full service event production company. Join us for a talk about business, family life (her husband owns his own company, too), and advice for others who want to be entrepreneurs.

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Adrian Segar is a "Meeting Architect". He designs conferences that "do not suck". In this episode we talk about the his journey from PhD particle physics researcher to entrepreneur. We also talk about how the best event organizers take risks and create things... thus making them entrepreneurial.

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Trevor Muir is a teacher, stroyteller, and poet. He works at Kent Innovation High School in Michigan, where they are focused on project based learning and integrating technology, collaboration and hands on learning. Trevor and his co-workers are pushing the envelope on the traditional high school, and are creating experiences that are educating students and changing lives.

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Neen James is a leadership expert who focuses on helping you be more influential, impactful and get more done! She is a speaker, author, consultant and thought leader who not only built her successful business once, but she did it twice after leaving her native Australia and moving to the United States.

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Chris Brogan is a leading authority on owning the game you most want to win. He is CEO of Owner Media Group, a sought after public speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of eight books and counting. in this episode he talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and shares details of his own journey.

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Join host Thom Singer at the 7th annual BlogathonATX event where he interviews several attendees at this one-day conference about why blogging still is important when all the attention is on podcasts and video.

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Brian Carter is an author, consultant and keynote speaker. He is the co-author of the new book, "The Cow Bell Principle". Brian has built a career as a social media expert, and while many just talk about principles, Brian lives the words he teaches his clients. Join us for this discussion about Brian's journey as an entrepreneur.

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Tim Hayden in a serial entrepreneur who is now the Principal Strategist at TTH Strategy. He has worked for big companies, small companies and has over seen several entrepreneurial ventures. Along the way he has realized that relationships are key to all business. He is the author of the new book, "The Mobile Commerce Revolution". Join us for this fun chat about Tim's journey.

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We took the Cool Things Podcast on the road for episode #10. Attending networking events is often part of the life when you run a business. Thom Singer interviewed people in the Austin, Texas technology community at the Austin Tech Happy Hour.

This episode has several short interviews filled with quick tips from entrepreneurs, CEO's, tech company employers, bankers, etc... Listen in as they all share entrepreneurial stories and their advice on why it is important to network.

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Lara Loest is the Queen of Show Notes for podcasters. She found need in a new and fast growing area and has created a niche business serving dozens of the top podcasts. She has also created a course, "Show Notes Made Easy", to help others understand how to make the best show notes in the business. Lara was great to chat with, please tune in and hear her story.

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Mary Kelly, PhD, is a former Commander in the US Navy. She is now a professor of economics and finance at the US Air Force Academy and is the CEO of Productive Leaders. Mary has taken her 20+ years of active duty experience and now assists companies, government agencies, associations, and non-profits with leadership development and productivity skills. You will want to listen closely to her story and meaningful advice for entrepreneurs.

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Michael O'Neal is the host of the highly successful "Solopreneur Hour Podcast". He has been working for himself for many years, calls himself "proudly unemployable". Join us for this lively discussion about the path to working solo.

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Roger Courville, CSP, has founded several companies. He is now a leading specialist in the intersection of "trends & technology" and "connectorship". He is a speaker, trainer, author, consultant, and is a recognized expert on how to engage audiences via webinars. Join us in our conversation.

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In 2007 Beth Zeisenis took the impromptu action of quitting her job. Without thinking it through she became a solopreneur. As a freelance writer, and later a conference speaker, she was suddenly responsible for every dollar she would earn. Over the past seven years she has morphed her career and she is now know as "The chick you call when you want to know if there is an app for that"

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Patrick Henry graduated college and told his parents he was moving to Nashville to become a song writer. He earned hundreds of dollars, but that was not enough to live on, so he used his talents on stage to become a speaker and never looked back. With over 15 years of working for himself he has carved out a successful career.

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Jessica Pettitt was stuck in traffic when she saw a sign on a building for the National Speakers Association. Not sure what that was, but looking for a new change, she pulled over and inquired about the business of speaking. That launched a new career. She never looked back and is now one of the most busiest seminar leaders and keynote speakers working today (and now serves on the board of the National Speakers Association).

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Keeping your eyes open to opportunity is a key to being a successful entrepreneur. Join us as Mike Dilbeck, founder of Response Ability: The Revolution for Courageous Leadership shares his story of going from educational film maker to the leader of an organization that is working to change how people engage when they witness injustice in the world.

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What does it take to be a serial Entrepreneur? Join us as Bryan Menell shares his experience as the founder of several companies and a co-founder of Austin’s Capital Factory. Since the age of 17 Bryan discovered what it takes to forge his own path as a successful Entrepreneur.

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