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Cait Pearson is a photographer, blogger, the founder of the She’s Hungry Podcast. She’s a Pennsylvania native, now living in Portland, OR looking to pave the way by breaking the mold on what is REALLY possible when you believe in yourself. 
She began her podcasting journey when a friend told her her passion and empathy for the world and the people in it was too much to talk about with strangers in bars. 
Her words were short lived on a blog when she discovered podcasting. Through her three years in Portland, meeting hundreds of people and hearing countless stories about their trials, tribulations, incredible successes and epic failures. A pattern became very clear.
Anyone who wanted something more for their lives took great leaps of uncomfortable faith and worked from an unshakable mindset to achieve them. They learned how to fail up, and fail fast, just as part of the journey. Much like how her story began in moving cross country to chase her impossible dream.
Now Cait photographs people to show them what she sees: possibility, resilience, and strength to conquer any goals they get out of their own way to accomplish. She speaks publicly to remind people of their potential, and the tools she has learned to get you started And you can now join her weekly to be apart of the journey right in the midst of your everyday mindset challenges on the She’s Hungry Podcast. 
Cait doesn’t pretend to have it all figured out, but she hopes that by her relentless efforts in showing up, her transparency of her journey, and her genuine belief that you can’t beat the person that refuses to quit mindset will unite a community on the brink of greatness and they can do it together. 
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