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As a follow up episode to last week where Thom Singer talked about how to overcome a failure in 2018, he has dedicated this episode to how to focus on sales.

Since his conversation about coming up short last year, many people have commented that they understood the feeling of last year not being their best. Getting refocused for entrepreneurs and sales professionals is important, and there is no time to waste. 

Thom believes we need to have a plan and "Try New Things" ( To be more attentive to his sales for the new year he spent several weeks reviewing his past and present situation, and had to be brutally honest with himself about why he came up short. 

Sales is the life-blood of any enterprise. You do not have to be the entrepreneur or the sales person to care about how business development is progressing. Everyone is in sales.

Thom has five tips for selling more in 2019. He has implemented them in his own business, and just a week into the new year he is seeing some momentum and is excited about where the rest of the year is going.

1. Have a strategy. Thom is honest that he has spent too much of the last decade relying on word of mouth. While this has worked well, hoping the phone will ring is NOT a strategy. Thus he now has a plan in place that is changing up how he acts on a daily basis. 

2. Your attitude matters. Failure is not an option, and feeling sorry for your past failures is not going to bet you to new results. Thom encourages everyone to believe in their products and services and to believe in themselves. But cautions that having a thick skin is key in sales, as some people are going to say "NO". A rejection is not personal, it was just not the right fit for that client, and each "NO" brings you closer to the next "YES".

3. Understand your clients. We cannot tell people what they want to buy. If we want to sell (and we all want to sell), we need to analyze what the client needs and wants. We also have to understand that there might be more than one constituency within each client.

4. Visibility / Findabililty / Social / Networking. The world of connecting with people and showing up on their "Short List" is not about one thing. SEO, word of mouth, networking, reputation ,etc.... all are intertwined. To get success we cannot ignore any of these and must get them all working together.

5. Take action and have accountability. Ideas alone are not enough. To get more sales you have to take actions. Thom is all about actions in 2019 and thinks you can be too. He also share the importance having people who will hold you accountable and check in on your progress. Great sales professionals do not live alone on an island.

Make 2019 your best year ever. Get focused on sales and make thing happen.

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