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Networking is still important in business. People do business with those they know, like and trust. 

Over the past decade we have all become attached to our social media and digital / mobile tools, and many people have lost the basic networking skills that lead to more business opportunities. But there is a trend now to get back to the basics of really engaging with people. 

Networking is not about passing out business cards or working a room. But nobody really teaches that stuff. There are many articles written that scoff at networking as if people really behave as idiots at live events. These articles are usually just writers trying to look smart, and making up problems that are not real.

But there is a right way to network. In this episode Thom Singer talks about the time proven ways to connect with people. Thom has been speaking professionally on this topic and has taught his techniques at over 800 events.

A few things you will hear in this episode:

1. Get to "like and trust". Having people know about you is not enough. When people really like you and trust you the business magic happens. But to get to this level means you have to invest in the relationship.

2. Have a plan. Your network does not happen by accident. You need to know the types of people you need to connect with and map out which are the right events to run into these professionals. 

3. Embrace social media (but don't think it replaces face-to-face). Social media is awesome, but real human one-to-one engagement is always the best. Mix the two and you will find the success you desire.

4. Keep in touch. Out of sight is out of mind. You must find ways to stay engaged with the people in your network. 

5. Support others / serve others. If you have not referred anyone else new business, how can you expect them to do this for you? Lead with ways to help others find their success and they will return the favor.

6. Never Stop Learning. The world is changing, so you have to find ways to learn and grow consistently. Read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, etc... 

As we to into the new year Thom Singer is looking to help people make 2019 "The Year of Human Engagement". Get fired up about your business relationship and listen to this episode.

**Thom Singer is a professional speaker and the author of 12 books. If you are hosting an even in 2019 and want a funny and engaging keynote speaker, put Thom Singer on your short list. Finding the best speakers for your event, but the right presentations set the tone for the whole conference.

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