Making Waves at C-Level

This episode is a compilation of interviews with people whose careers are dedicated to advising college fraternity and sororities. While attending the AFA Annual Meeting Thom Singer had the opportunity to interview several hard working and interesting people about their jobs, education, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

On first glance one might wonder what business people can learn from these college and university professionals? However a sense of innovation and a dedication to educating college men and women for their future careers and lives is not just a career, it is a mission to the people who work in this profession.

The AFA (Association of Fraternity / Sorority Advisors) has an ongoing commitment to the professional development of its members, a deep appreciation of both academic and applied research that examines the entire spectrum of the fraternity/sorority experience and the advising profession, and a commitment to collaborations within and between the higher education and interfraternal communities.

The Greek System is often portrayed negatively in the news media, often for a variety of negative situations that should not be happening. However, the positive impact that these organizations have on their campuses, communities and individual members is often overlooked.

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