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Over twenty years ago Steve Semken followed his passion for books and his love of writing and created Ice Cube Press, a Midwestern Literary Publisher. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss his entrepreneurial journey and the importance of being a "Dream Maker". To find success, sometimes entrepreneurs just have to take action.

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The Meetings Industry has some of the most interesting entrepreneurs. Cindy Lo founded Red Velvet Events twelve years ago, and she continues to grow the business. Cindy started as a technical project manager in a software company and took the leap to a new industry and started her business. Today she serves clients globally with her full service event production company. Join us for a talk about business, family life (her husband owns his own company, too), and advice for others who want to be entrepreneurs.

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Adrian Segar is a "Meeting Architect". He designs conferences that "do not suck". In this episode we talk about the his journey from PhD particle physics researcher to entrepreneur. We also talk about how the best event organizers take risks and create things... thus making them entrepreneurial.

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Trevor Muir is a teacher, stroyteller, and poet. He works at Kent Innovation High School in Michigan, where they are focused on project based learning and integrating technology, collaboration and hands on learning. Trevor and his co-workers are pushing the envelope on the traditional high school, and are creating experiences that are educating students and changing lives.

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Neen James is a leadership expert who focuses on helping you be more influential, impactful and get more done! She is a speaker, author, consultant and thought leader who not only built her successful business once, but she did it twice after leaving her native Australia and moving to the United States.

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Chris Brogan is a leading authority on owning the game you most want to win. He is CEO of Owner Media Group, a sought after public speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of eight books and counting. in this episode he talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and shares details of his own journey.

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Join host Thom Singer at the 7th annual BlogathonATX event where he interviews several attendees at this one-day conference about why blogging still is important when all the attention is on podcasts and video.

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Brian Carter is an author, consultant and keynote speaker. He is the co-author of the new book, "The Cow Bell Principle". Brian has built a career as a social media expert, and while many just talk about principles, Brian lives the words he teaches his clients. Join us for this discussion about Brian's journey as an entrepreneur.

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Tim Hayden in a serial entrepreneur who is now the Principal Strategist at TTH Strategy. He has worked for big companies, small companies and has over seen several entrepreneurial ventures. Along the way he has realized that relationships are key to all business. He is the author of the new book, "The Mobile Commerce Revolution". Join us for this fun chat about Tim's journey.

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We took the Cool Things Podcast on the road for episode #10. Attending networking events is often part of the life when you run a business. Thom Singer interviewed people in the Austin, Texas technology community at the Austin Tech Happy Hour.

This episode has several short interviews filled with quick tips from entrepreneurs, CEO's, tech company employers, bankers, etc... Listen in as they all share entrepreneurial stories and their advice on why it is important to network.

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