Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do (general)

Dave Delaney is a recognized leader in digital marketing, social media strategy and networking. He is the host of the NBN Radio Podcast (which Thom Singer was a guest on episode 23 of his show).

Join this episode and hear Dave and Thom discuss the journey to being an entrepreneur.and the world of podcasting.

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Why do successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other business leaders join and participate in their industry associations? Some shy away from these groups to not be around competitors, while others find information, education, and supportive friendships through their active involvement in trade associations.

In this episode Thom Singer interviewed several participants at the National Speakers Association "CSP/CPAE Summit" in Miami, Florida. In this podcast you will hear from Dr. Willie Jolley, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Ruby Newell-Legner, Shep Hyken, Sarah Michele, Brian Walter, Maribeth Kuzmeski, Jason Hewlett, Ross Bernstein, Laurie Guest, Dave Lieber, Chris Bauer, and Troy Hazard.

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Join Thom Singer as he talks with Author and Entrepreneur Michelle Perry Higgins. They talk about her journey to being a Financial Advisor and discuss her books; including the soon to be released "College Poor No More"

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Thom Singer interviews a hard working high school senior (his daughter, Jackie) about the upcoming TEDxYouth@Austin conference. She is on the planning committee for this regional TEDx event. The team of 40+ volunteers is working hard to curate an awesome experience for 800 middle school and high school students who will attend the half-day conference on February 14, 2015. Listen in and learn more about the event, how to be a sponsor, and where to sign up. If you live in or around the Central Texas area, be sure to spread the word.

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Jodi and Jason Womack are a husband and wife who work and play together. They have built their Get Momentum coaching program and work with clients all over the world. In this episode they share the ups and downs of working with your spouse. Tune in and hear how they have created their secret to a happy life.

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Thom Singer takes a few minutes to recap his 2014. Starting the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Podcast was a highlight of the year. The show is having a direct impact on his career, and in this episode he talks about the importance or reviewing your progress and being grateful and feeling fortunate.

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Gerry O'Brion knows about branding. His company, "What Big Brands Know" teaches solopreneurs and small business owners the secrets behind growing their reach with customers. In this episode we talk about what big brands know and the power of having a plan and setting goals. As the new year launches (or anytime of the year) it is paramount to success that you have clear targets that you want to achieve. Do not leave your future up to chance, join in and listen to this show.

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Steve Woods is on his second start-up, Nudge. He was the co-founder and CTO of Eloqua, which sold to Oracle in 2012. He has a keen eye for the transformations in world of sales, and has made a career out of helping selling professionals build stronger relationships and better trust. Tune in to this episode as Steve shares his experiences and observations about entrepreneurs.

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Tammy Shaklee met her husband through a matchmaker. Eager to help a gay friend find love the same way, she discovered the LGBT community did not have as many offline choices to making connections with others seeking a love relationship. The entrepreneurial chance to start something new appeared, and she founded H4M, now a national service serving the LGBT community. Listen as Tammy shares her journey from broadcasting to government to entrepreneurship.

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Brandon Epstein is an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others achieve better health and fitness. As a health and performance coach and the host of "The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast" his mission is to help business professionals live a life of flow. That entails mastery of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. Brandon has a ton of ideas and enthusiasm, and is living the life of an entrepreneur. Tune in to hear this episode and learn more about his path to success.

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