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Thom Singer believes that we all have blind spots, and that hiring a business or life coach can be a great way to open up doors that are right in front of us. Often the smallest things that someone with a fresh point of view can suggest can have the biggest impact on our careers. Nobody is an expert on everything, and getting formal coaching from somebody will allow you to make the changes you are seeking. 

Finding a coach can be hard. The right person is out there, and not all coaches cost more than you can afford. When the student is ready the teacher will appear, but you have to know what you are looking for in order to find the right person whom you can afford. You have to invest in yourself, but you should not spend more than you are comfortable with spending. 

In this episode Thom shares his experiences with coaches, talks about some of his experiences as a coach, and pushes everyone to do more and achieve at their highest potential.

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Thom Singer is excited about the inspiration, ideas, and accountability he gets from mastermind groups. He is active in two, and participates in others. In this episode he shares why you should be active with other people who want to help you succeed (and who you want to help in their own journey).

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Thom Singer chats about what inspired him at the National Speakers Association, his Canadian vacation, and his hope we all get inspired by the things around us.

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Corey Coates is the co-founder of Podfly Productions. In less than two years he has grown Podfly into one of the most successful podcast production companies in the world. He started his career as a professional musician and became passionate about sound productions. Now in the crazy world of podcasting, Corey has hands on experience of leading a fast growing company in a hot industry.

Thom Singer met with Corey in a coffee shop in Montreal to talk about his business, entrepreneurship, and to share ideas on growing a company.

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On this episode Henry Yoshida talks about leaving the big company to join the world of a start up. And then re-inventing again. It is hard to leave that salary and big name on the letter head, but for some it is a calling they cannot resist.

Hear how Henry approached his re-invention, and how he is currently doing it again. His advice for anyone wanting to start a business hits close to home for everyone that is going to take a leap of faith.

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Elizabeth McCormick is a former Black Hawk Pilot who has reinvented herself several times. After the military she went into corporate America, but following company layoffs she struck out on her own. Today she is a successful speaker and entrepreneur. 

In this episode she shares advice on business and life.

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Edria Fleming is making a difference in her community. As the founder of Geek-e-Gurl Designs she helps companies and non-profits with their branding, websites, social media, database creation and graphic designs. But beyond that she is a role model to others that anyone can start a successful business.

Taking risks and trying new things are key for entrepreneurs. Edria does not sit and wait for other to call on her, instead she raises her hand and makes opportunities happen. With a masters degree in Social Work and a background working for non-profits, she left it all behind to try her and at her own business. 

She also has a passion for helping girls and women learn technology. She is working to let women of all ages know they can master any skill they desire, and does not like excuses.

Download this episode to hear her awesome advice for anyone who wants to forge their own path.

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For more than thirty years, Steve Guengerich has been fortunate to work with many great people and companies in social ventures, software and IT services. He began his career working for large consulting firms, but sound caught the bug of working with start ups.

Steve has recently released an ebook that is cool for all entrepreneurs: "Naturally Caffeinated: Addicted to Entrepreneurship" - more information at

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At the heart of a good communications strategy is a good story. Think back to the most powerful lessons you learned as a child – were they conveyed in bullet points, graphs and charts? Or were they wrapped into a good tale that helped sear into your memory the importance of values like kindness, sharing and patience? Unfortunately somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the ability to knit together a good story.

Jenifer Sarver is a principal at Sarver Strategies, an Austin, Texas based strategic communications firm. She has over 16 years experience in media relations, crisis communications, speechwriting, coalition building, and media and presentation skills training. 

In this episode Thom talks with Jennifer about her advice for business professionals, tips on doing your own PR, and shares how she gives back to the community.

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Too often in our society we champion success and vilify failure. But real success never arrives alone. Those who achieve also fail along the way. In this episode Thom Singer shares his failures and his realizations that you have to embrace the failures, as they are the best teachers for entrepreneurs.

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