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Nate Cotanch, a lifelong Hatch Chile eater whose roots stem from a family of 17 children from north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the founder of Zia Green Chile Company. Cotanch was featured in Brooklyn Magazine's "30 Under 30" Class of 2018 and in Forbes as “One of 10 Innovators Under 30 Shaking Up The New York Food Scene.” Prior to founding Zia, Nate Cotanch worked in the NYC venture capital scene analyzing early to growth stage ventures across multiple industries.
About Zia Green Chile Company:
From humble beginnings at Brooklyn’s renowned Smorgasburg food market, Zia Green Chile Company has become a leading brand known for introducing Hatch Chile to the East Coast, along the way unearthing a large following of New Mexicans, Southwestern transplants, and new Hatch Chile lovers. Today Zia Green Chile Company is distributed to leading retailers and chefs nationwide.
Georgia has its peaches, Idaho has its potatoes, and New Mexico has Zia Hatch Chile -- exclusively grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico from family owned farms and harvested only once in the fall each year from around August until Mid-October. Like products of the Champagne region of France, a true Hatch Chile comes from nowhere other than the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. It’s about terroir.
Zia Hatch Chile includes a selection of carefully handpicked strains that provide an unmatched flame-roasted, smoke-kissed flavor and various levels of spice to any dish.
Insanely addictive, Zia Hatch Chile will become your new favorite ingredient.
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Alan Stein, Jr. is a performance coach, consultant, speaker and author. He spent 15 years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet.

Alan delivers high-energy keynotes and interactive workshops to improve performance, cohesion and accountability. He inspires and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity.

In other words, Alan teaches how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.

He is an amicably divorced father of twin sons (Luke and Jack) and a daughter (Lyla) and lives just outside of Washington, D.C.
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Sam is passionate about being on the cutting edge of human potential. He is a “natural” biohacker, always researching and experimenting with the latest knowledge relating to natural foods, supplements, fitness, and overall wellbeing. He finds excitement in continuously learning, experimenting, and sharing his findings with others through products and information. Sam holds a BS from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the Acton School of Business–an intensive entrepreneurship program taught by highly successful entrepeneurs. He currently serves as CEO of BrianJuice, and is a cofounder and board member of two other health and wellness startups in Austin, Texas.
The BrainJuice story begins when Sam was a college student, trapped in a cycle of bad habits that left him feeling depleted and foggy. He knew he wasn’t operating at full capacity. He wanted a healthy alternative to energy drinks and focus-enhancing drugs. Then, through his MBA program in Entrepreneurship, Sam met a biochemist named Peter.
With Peter’s knowledge of neurotransmitters and brain function, Sam decided to harness the goodness of real food with the power of science. Many rounds of ingredients and combinations later, he created the BrainJuice formula. Since then, his mission has been to perfect the formula by continuously updating the ingredients with the best food-derived sources available.
Check out this great interview with this dynamic entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods space.  This is the first of a series of interviews over the next few months with entrepreneurs in the specialty foods and CPG industries. 
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While he enjoys hearing, “You’re doing great!”, the follow-up sentence of, “Just keep doing what you’re doing!” doesn’t work for Pete Mockaitis. He wants a clear and actionable roadmap of the things he needs to do to get where he wants to go.
Pete wants to know the tools, hacks, and strategies that are both sensible and proven by those who came before him.  He has always been pathologically curious. As a kid, Pete would go to the Danville Public Library every weekend with his dad, eager to learn. Sure enough, the more he learned in an area, the better he performed! That curiosity served him well and earned him some flashy credentials. Pete has consulted at Bain & Company and has spent thousands of hours delivering one-on-one coaching to 700+ world-class thinkers to sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills.
His clients hail from over 50 countries, every Ivy League school, and world-class organizations such as Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, the United Nations, and Amazon.
But the creds matter little compared to the impact he has enjoyed making. His website and podcast "Be Awesome At Your Job" enables Pete to multiply that impact by sharing the best insights he has learn from the best thinkers in the world. 
Pete Mockaitis love people who enjoy "dorking out" about powerful knowledge as much as he does.
In this episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" he shares details from his journey and candid advice for anyone who wants to be awesome at their job.
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Virginia Muzquiz is well-known as the Referral Diva. She is passionately driven to teach six-figure solopreneurs the pathway to building business that fuel their passions, fund their dreams and have MASSIVE IMPACT on the communities where they live and serve. With over 30 years of teaching, training and business building experience, Virginia has demonstrated that cultivating and leveraging social capital is the FASTEST path to profitability for the small business owner.
Among her many accomplishments, Virginia grew the contract services division of a nationally recognized tutoring company from $0 in 2005 to $2.5 million in annual revenue in 2011 -- completely by word-of-mouth. As the owner of the Gateway Referral Institute franchise, Virginia distinguished herself as the #1 franchisee in the US, #3 globally, earning her a seat on the exclusive Executive Circle until she moved on in 2015. As the Chief Connections Officer at Master Connectors, Inc and an Executive Director of two franchises of Business Network International (BNI), Virginia coaches 1400+ entrepreneurs on building business using word-of-mouth best practices. Virginia is also the host of the Passion+Purpose=IMPACT podcast with listeners in over 30 countries!

Check out her "Faithful Follow Up Guide" to help solopreneurs master the art of leveraging the connections they initiate!
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John Garrett launched the first edition of Community Impact Newspaper in 2005 with three full-time employees covering the Round Rock and Pflugerville edition in Central Texas.

By September 2018, Community Impact Newspaper will have more than 200 employees and 26 hyperlocal editions of the newspaper across Texas and Arizona delivered monthly to more than 2 million homes and businesses.
John has received many awards for his work, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the nonprofit RecognizeGood in 2017 for ethics in business and community, the 2016 Media Award from the Texas School Public Relations Association, and the Best Small Business CEO award from the Austin Business Journal in 2013.
In 2010, John received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Sam Houston State University. That same year, he was also the honoree for “Excellence in Leadership” at Concordia University Texas’ annual gala.
CI has ranked among Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing U.S. companies for seven straight years starting in 2010. The newspaper has also received awards for outstanding journalism, advertising design and digital innovation.
Before starting Community Impact Newspaper, John held advertising positions at the Houston Chronicle and the Austin Business Journal.
John grew up in north Austin and graduated from Pflugerville High School in 1993. John attended and graduated cum laude from Sam Houston State University with a bachelor of fine arts in radio and television. While at Sam Houston, he was awarded the Creager Award, given to the male student who contributes the most to overall student life.
John is married to Jennifer, and they have three daughters, Mollie, Ruby and Sophie, and live in Round Rock. They are active members of Cityview Bible Church. Over the years, John has served on many boards, including the Round Rock Area Serving Center and Round Rock Chamber, and continues to be actively involved in the community.  
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After graduating from Cornell University in Economics, Rockwell Shah spent 10 years working his way up from being a tech support agent to the President of a successful medical software company, 4PatientCare. 

In 2015 he founded Pzizz, where they design dynamic audio that helps people get great sleep, take refreshing naps, and stay deeply focused.
Pzizz is the app that puts people to sleep at the push of a button and it’s been downloaded by over 1 million people to date. But maybe cooler than any of that is the time Pzizz made The Queen of England laugh.

Last year, Pzizz reached the finals of an event called Pitch@Palace. It’s basically a start-up competition run by The Duke of York where the finalists got to meet The Queen at St. James’s Palace. That’s when Her Majesty asked Pzizz Founder, Rockwell Shah, “what do you do?”

“Well, Your Majesty,” he told her. “We put people to sleep at the push of a button.”

The Queen looked him right in the eye and said, “Yes… But do they wake up?”

To which he replied, “Only if they pay, Your Majesty.”

The truth is, insomnia affects over two billion people in the world and Pzizz has helped over a million people get the best sleep of their lives. Check out this interview where Rockwell Shah tells tell the listeners of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do his story. 
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Linda Smith returns to Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do for another interview.
Linda is one of the few women to reach the summit of the legal profession. She has represented the world’s foremost companies in “bet-the-company” cases where everything is at stake.

Her successes have allowed her to do wondrous things: travel the world to meet with clients and foreign governments, appear before the U.S. Supreme Court, match wits with Michael Dell and Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, counsel boards of directors with tens of billions of dollars on the line, and walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes with George Clooney and Viola Davis.

On behalf of AMD, Linda led a team of 200+ lawyers to beat Intel in a multibillion-dollar antitrust case. She successfully defended Exxon in another giant case that falsely questioned the company’s cleanup efforts in Alaska. On behalf of the auditors of BCCI, then the fifth largest bank in the world, she defended a lawsuit brought by one million depositors for $30 billion. In industries ranging from accounting to show business, she’s taken on the toughest challenges and emerged victorious over and over again. She has also given back by handling pro bono cases all the way up to the Supreme Court, most recently when she represented immigrant mothers of U.S. citizen children facing deportation and the breakup of their families.

During her 40-year career at O'Melveny & Myers, Linda has often tangled with outsized male egos, from CBS head Les Moonves to Mick Jagger, without ever breaking stride. Her tenacity as a cross-examiner earned her the prodigious title of “The Meanest Woman Alive.” While she's definitely the “meanest” to hostile witnesses or opposing lawyers who try to pull a fast one, outside the courtroom Smith is known for her sense of humor, fierce loyalty, and deep commitment to collaboration.

After mentoring women for decades, Linda has taken on a broader mission to empower ambitious women in all fields to use their talent, smarts, and femininity to reach their own pinnacles of success. Whether the challenge is defeating gender stereotypes, conquering self-sabotaging behaviors, handling difficult men, or attaining leadership positions, Linda draws on her own experiences and those of other highly successful women to show women how to come out on top by embodying the best traits of women—while beating the men at their own game.
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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do welcomes back Dr. Deborah Gilboa as a guest on the podcast.
Respected parenting and youth development expert, Deborah Gilboa, MD, is the founder of Popularly known as Dr. G, her passion for raising kids with character makes her a favorite family physician, media personalityauthor,speaker and social influencer. A mom of four boys, she inspires audiences with relatable stories and easy tools to develop crucial life skills in children ages 2-22.
Dr. G is a board certified attending family physician at Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Health Center, caring for diverse patients from 100+ countries, speaking 47 different languages. Her work with the deaf community has received national recognition and was the focus of her service as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow.
She has received multiple awards for clinical excellence in teaching, including the Alpha Omega Alpha Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award as a Clinical Associate Professor for the University of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine.
A graduate of University of Pittsburgh’s SOM and Carnegie Mellon University, as well as alumnus of Chicago’s Second City Improv Theater, Dr. G’s diverse background and experiences add to her credibility and lively story-telling.
Dr. G is the author of multiple books including Get the Behavior You Want, Without Being the Parent You Hate! (Demos Publishing) and parenting activity books focusing on building her 3R’s of Parenting: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.
Dr. and Dr. Gilboa have four boys together and are happy to call Pittsburgh, PA their home.
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This episode involves a mom, dad and teenage son who all work together.  This is the family behind the successful Scaly Adventures.  You gotta hear their story.
Pierce Curren is the young host of Scaly Adventures, an E/I broadcast television series with worldwide distribution.  In every episode, he leads viewers on fun, educational journeys sharing his immense passion for some of the most incredible and exotic animals in the world.
Pierce has always loved animals, and his compassion and care for different species shines through each Scaly Adventures educational video and television episode. He cares for a variety of species in his personal collection and has had numerous hands on experiences filming with experts in a wide variety of fields.  He is also a Second Degree Black Belt in Olympic Tae Kwon Do with Palmetto Martial Arts School.
Pierce is a founding member of Boundless Limits International and a home educated student.
At the start of Scaly Adventures in 2013, Pierce was the youngest person in the world hosting a show in the Animal & Adventure genre with worldwide distribution!
Rick Curren is Pierce’s dad - the Scaly Dad on TV!  He is the Creator and Executive Producer of the broadcast television series, Scaly Adventures, as well of the Co-Founder of the non-profit foundation, Boundless Limits International.  Rick is an author, television host, motivational speaker and media entrepreneur.
Through videography and photography, he enjoys bringing images to life and taking the Scaly Adventures Crew on incredible journeys to show viewers places and animals they might not ever get to see.  Rick's favorite part of filming Scaly Adventures is using the latest technology to get Scaly fans as close to the animals and action as possible, so viewers feel like they are experiencing the adventure firsthand!
He is responsible for all of the filming, editing, engineering and production of Scaly Adventures’ educational material and programming.  A veteran of 16 years in the US Army, he is a Distinguished Military Graduate of Kennesaw State University and is listed among their Notable Alumni.  Rick is a PADI Certified SCUBA Diver and has a Second Degree Blackbelt in Olympic Tae Kwon Do.
Tanya Curren is Pierce’s mom – the Scaly Mom on TV!  She is the Co-Creator and Director of Education for Scaly Adventures, a broadcast television action and adventure reality series that promotes conservation while featuring exotic animals, inspirational role models and positive organizations.
Tanya is an author, television host, motivational speaker and media entrepreneur.  Tanya's favorite part about Scaly Adventures is showing how families can have an incredible time together doing something they love, and she ensures that every episode inspires others to overcome their fears, follow their dreams and pursue their passions.
Tanya is formerly a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with experience teaching and consulting in both public and private schools.  Her true passion has been raising and teaching Pierce as she home educates him throughout all of their travels together.  Tanya is the co-founder of Boundless Limits International, Inc. along with her husband and Pierce’s dad, Rick.  Tanya is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and is listed among their Notable Alumni.
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