Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do
Ivy Slater is a professionally certified business coach, speaker, author and podcast host. For the past ten years, she has owned and operated Slater Success Coaching (SSC), working with men and women in both entrepreneurial and corporate lines of work.
Previous to SSC, Ivy owned and operated a seven-figure printing business, Slater Graphics, in New York City. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Ivy found a way to establish her importance in the marketplace and use alternative strategies to what everyone else was doing to make a name for her company. She found a niche in working with women in the publishing industry and built a solid book of business, relationships she still enjoys today.
For the past eight years, Ivy has facilitated a variety of masterminds, meetings and retreats both internally and externally through SSC. She holds a handful of client events over the year, as well as goes into corporate organizations to lead training, workshops and seminars.
Her training focuses on:
Developing and strengthening communication skills
Growing and nurturing relationships for business development
Goal setting with action steps and accountability
Mastering the sales process
Ivy has hosted dozens of both live and recorded webinars, training and business challenge events for clients, as well as non-clients. She was an early adopter to the webinar world and is highly respected amongst her peers for her tenacity and willingness to get out there. She speaks all over the country, is active on social media, films a weekly YouTube video called the “SSC Minute,” and hosts a weekly podcast, “Her Success Story” where she interviews gutsy businesswomen on their success journey.
Ivy has worked with clients in their twenties, just starting their journey, to clients in their seventies working in their second or third careers. She is also a wife and the mother of two millennials, who keep her up to date on technology and pop culture trends.  
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Thom Singer had the chance to be the master of ceremonies for the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association's Marketplace and Academy.  In his role speaking at this event he had the chance to interact with many owners of independent toy stores and the manufacturers of toys and games.
What can we all learn from retail stores? A lot.  The internet has disrupted the way people shop and buy things in all industries, but it cannot ever change the spirit of entrepreneurs. 
In this episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Thom recaps what he learned at this event from the educational programming and from talking to the wonderful entrepreneurs in attendance.  Toy people are fun people.... but they are also smart business professionals who are growing their businesses despite changes.
Also in this episode he interviews four successful store owners and manufacturers who share their advice about business success and ways to achieve more no matter your industry.
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Award-winning broadcast journalist and former TV news reporter Erica Mandy is founder and host of theNewsWorthy.  This should be your go-to podcast to keep up with the important news of the day.
She combines more than a decade of journalism experience with her own voice and style to provide "fast, fair, and fun" daily news updates in less than 10 minutes, Monday-Friday. theNewsWorthy is credible yet casual - with an unbiased perspective and upbeat personality.
As a TV news reporter, Erica was live on the scene during terrorist attacks, wildfires and federal court rulings, to name a few.  She's interviewed politicians, CEOs, experts, and everyday people doing extraordinary things.
Erica most recently worked for CBS Los Angeles before quitting her job to start this one-of-a-kind daily news.
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BINGE Networks, founded by Bonnie Bruderer is a network of creators, by creators, for creators. 

The multi-channel network allows for any person, brand or company to be able to afford main-stream TV advertising, using the connected device television market.

BINGE creates custom branded channels on their network, for each content creator and then each time a video is uploaded, its proprietary syndication software shares the video on 50 OTT platforms.

It has bridged the gap to the OTT world.

They are currently seeking content creators in the areas of:

-Professional Services and more.

To apply for a channel on this network:

Bonnie Bruder is the Executive Producer of over 700 television segments, airing on BINGE and other outlets.

She is also the writer, director, producer of the film INFLUENCER, a documentary about the social media stars and the billions of dollars in ad dollars that have been generated over the last few years.

She is on the board of OTT Fest, TEDx Marin, a member of the Emmy’s in Florida and involved in many other content creation projects.

She is also available for high-level consulting in the OTT space and for people that are looking to build out their own media network.

She can be reached at:
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Iain Grae is a serial entrepreneur who lives life with a passion for creating inspirational experiences. He started his first small business in his teens and continues to build his portfolio. His first major success came in his mid-twenties when he founded Innovation Ads, Inc. – a New York based advertising agency which grew from just himself to over 150 employees in just three short years at which point he sold it. Iain currently owns San Antonio Raceway & Cycle Ranch MX Park which allows him to build family friendly events that enable people to pursue their childhood dreams. He uses a unique management style to empower his employees & customers alike to make the experience all that they want it to be.
Iain is also a Board Member of the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio Iain holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College in New York and a Bachelors in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. He sees life as a quest for continuous education and firmly believes in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive belief. He attributes is success to surrounding himself with great people and always being ready to learn something new. Iain is married to Gabrielle Grae and they currently reside in West Palm Beach, FL with their wonderful cats & bird.
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Erik Mueller, the President and CEO of Grasp Technologies, Inc., is the leading expert in the field of travel technology. He and his team at Grasp have created countless solutions for travel agencies worldwide to improve productivity, generate revenue and dominate their competition.

He was responsible for creating the first automated graphic reporting system for the travel industry and is considered the foremost expert on data consolidation and visualization in the Travel Industry space. Recently he released the first tablet compatible business intelligence tool for managing travel data.

In addition to serving as the President and CEO of Grasp Technologies, Inc., he also manages a high-end IT services firm Creative Computer Resources, is serving a fifth year as a board member of the San Diego Business Travel Association and frequently contributes to article for numerous industry publications and blogs.

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Jane Deuber is a seven-time successful entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping business owners build a highly-leveraged, massively-profitable business that impacts meaningful change and provides the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

While armed with a Master’s in International Business, it’s really Jane’s 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches that give her a unique and grounded perspective on business success. Her journey is filled with stories of risk-taking, triumph, failure and re-invention, enabling her to start and grow 7 successful businesses. Three she has sold and three she now operates from her home in Pebble Beach, California.

Whether we talk about how to monetize one’s expertise online, build a rock star team or revolutionize the sales process by harnessing the power of assessments, Jane will bring authenticity, transparency and realworld
insights, so that your listeners are inspired to step powerfully into their role of kick-ass CEO they are meant to be. 

Check out this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and hear Jane's advice, including.... get clarity before confidence.... confidence before courage... and courage before taking action!

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Eva Vennari is the founder of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health coaching firm specializing in empowering individuals to take charge of their body and their health. She is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from all kinds of conditions and fighting for her sanity she decided to take matters into her own hands. That’s when everything shifted and her body went from being the enemy to being her best and most devoted ally and partner. Eva now teaches worldwide how sensitive people can take charge of their wellbeing and thrive in their lives.

She spent a lifetime trying to figure out her own health issues and learned to question everything. She has become a "healing rebel" and works to take the guess-work out of Detox for every client. 

In episode 358 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do she shares her personal and career journey and gives important advice for everyone who is looking to carve their own entrepreneurial path.

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Sonny Melendrez is in the business of inspiration! Inspiring others has always been an important element in the life of this dynamic radio and television
personality, author and motivational speaker. Twice named Billboard Magazine's "National Radio Personality of the Year," his enthusiasm for life
is evident as host of local and national radio and television programs. He was presented the National Hispanic Radio Personality of the Year Award by Ricardo Montalban, then president of the National Nosotros Organization. In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame and is included
in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Top 100 Radio Personalities of All-Time.

Melendrez has entertained morning drive audiences at some of America’s greatest radio stations, including KIIS, KMPC, KFI, KMGG, and KRLA in Los Angeles and KTSA, KTFM, KSMG, KLUP and KAHL in San Antonio.

Sonny is equally comfortable behind a microphone and in front of a camera, serving as media spokesperson for companies like Disney, McDonald’s and Sprint.

As a motivational speaker and master of ceremonies, he has presented at such prestigious events as the White House Hispanic Heritage Awards; the National "Just Say No to Drugs" Rally at the Washington Monument; and the USO 50th Anniversary Gala at the Ambassador's Palace in Paris, France with guest of honor, the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

As star of the award-winning children’s television series, ‘You and Me, Kid!”
on the Disney Channel, Sonny enjoyed one of the longest runs in the
network’s history.

Sonny's ability and willingness to rally people behind a cause is one reason he
is involved in so many charities, both locally and nationally. In 1992, he was
named Inc. Magazine's "Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year”
and awarded the “2000 Marketing Philanthropist Lifetime Achievement
Award” by the Sales and Marketing Executives of San Antonio.

In 1979, as the Los Angeles commissioner of the United Nation’s Year of the Child, Melendrez was invited to Washington, D.C. to present his idea for a national children’s holiday. Sunshine Day was officially proclaimed and celebrated in all 50 states on August 19th of that year, encouraging parents to
spend the day with their children, giving them what they most want and need: time and love.

President Ronald Reagan commended Sonny for his efforts in the war on drugs and he received the National Director’s Community Leadership Award by FBI Director, William S. Sessions. The Department of Justice lauded Melendrez with the prestigious “Modern Hero Award” for his efforts to
inspire the nation’s youth to “Soar In School”. In 1990, in recognition of raising tens of thousands of dollars for youth scholarships, he was named "El Rey Feo" (The People's King) and presided over San Antonio's annual weeklong Fiesta celebration. 

The City of San Antonio named the Sonny Melendrez Community Center located on the city's West Side in his honor as way to say “thank you” for his community involvement, benefitting disadvantaged youth and families,
including over 1400 motivational school presentations. Programs that benefit children have always been a priority for Sonny Melendrez. One of the
projects of which he is most proud is The Children of the World Project, giving talented youth and countless volunteers a way to give back by recording the children's version of "We Are The World," which he created in Los Angeles in
1985. Over 1500 children participated in the recording and video with proceeds from record sales benefitting USA for Africa. Sonny received a Grammy nomination for "Best Children's Recording."

There is hardly a charity or cause in San Antonio and many nationally, that has not received a helping hand from Sonny Melendrez. It is estimated that he has been responsible for raising over 100 million dollars in cash, goods and services for local and national non-profits during his career!.

A man of a thousand voices, he provided the voices of several characters in Hanna-Barbera's "Jetsons" cartoon series; created many of the sounds heard in the Gremlins Movie; played opposite Walter Mathau as the voice of Bob
Cratchet in the animated TV classic, "The Stingiest Man in Town"; and was even the voice of the infamous Fred the Cockatoo in the 70”s NBC TV series, Baretta. He was chosen from a field of over 140,000 as the new voice of the
Parkay Margarine Talking Tub, and after a nationwide search, Sonny was picked as voice of Jerry Seinfeld for a campaign promoting the Bee Movie Game for ActiVision. 

Conferences, universities, school districts and corporate groups of all types have been inspired by Sonny’s captivating motivational presentations. His topics are designed to fire up audiences to reach their full potential through the power of enthusiasm! In his book, “The Art of Living with Enthusiasm!” Sonny shares the secret benefits to be found in positive living through his personal and powerful stories of encouragement and perseverance. 

Official website:

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Kim Sutton is visibly changing and growing as an entrepreneur and as a person.  Hear her story on this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”
Although she started her career as an interior architect working in large firms in Chicago, New York City, Connecticut and Ohio, the downturn of the economy in 2008 allowed Kim to find herself and discover her true life passions and purpose.
She is the host of the Positive Productivity podcast, and the author of Chronic Idea Disorder: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Overcoming Idea Overwhelm. In addition, Kim is the owner of Sutton Strategic Solutions, a digital marketing agency which helps coaches share their products and services with the people who need them most.
Kim lives outside of Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, Dave, and her five children, multiple cats and dog.
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