Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Understanding your potential is the secret to doing more. Thom Singer has become obsessed with personal potential and the gap that exists for many between potential and results.

Having potential seems awesome. When someone tells you that you have potential it is a real compliment, but so what? Without the right plan, a driving purpose, and the right people around you this means nothing. There is a paradox surrounding potential because people give it more credit than it deserves. Actions are the key.

Recently Thom met an impressive young man who is thirty years old and already smart enough to realize that he had to make a change from his current job, as it was going to lead him down the path of years of disappointment. Being successful is not enough if your ladder is against the wrong wall. In a short conversation Thom saw himself, and thousands of others, inside this guy who was seeking a new and more fulfilling path.

In this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do you will hear about why it is important to understand potential, to get clear on what you want, and how to be honest with yourself.

There are many moving parts to building influence, unlocking potential, and driving performance. There is no secret sauce and life if hard (and unpredictable), but the actions you take daily are the difference between hoping you will succeed and surpassing all expectations.

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