Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

The same efforts and same agenda will not produce new results.

No matter what industry you work in, the guess is that you, your employees, your products and services, your vendors, and your customers are all caught up in the same routines. 

It happens in all industries. Thom Singer wrote an article for the February 2019 "Meeting Professionals Magazine" titled TRY NEW THINGS (page 30) about how one of his clients totally re-thought their opening general session. 

For decades this group, like most associations, had an opening business session that included a famous keynote speaker. But in 2018 they wanted to try something new. No Keynote. (As a keynote speaker himself, Thom does not advocate for killing off the keynote! Ha). 

Instead, they created a 2 1/2 hours general session that focused on the brilliance of their members, sponsors, and other industry VIPs. They hired Thom to help facilitate the session, and got hundreds of people to engage and share best practices instead of sitting by and listening.

It was a huge success, but it was not without risk. They had to get buy in from the attendees in advance to ensure that all stake holders were on the same page. If it had not worked out, they needed people to be positive about the concept of trying new things.

Thom also shares in this episode two other clients who wanted to shake up their conference with new experience driven ideas. 

But this is not just about the meetings industry. Everyone should be looking for ways to have more experiential interactions with customers, prospects, vendors, employees, etc.....

Check out episode 432 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" and see if you are inspired to try something new.

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