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Thom Singer showed up at a comedy open mic night in March 2018 (at age 51). Nervous as hell, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. A friend, who is a comic, pushed him to give stand up a try.

When he was younger Thom had wanted to do stand up, but never had the guts to try it. But in his 50s his motto is "Try New Things", so when invited to accompany Drew Tarvin to an open mic in New York City, he said YES.

He was not great (but he did not bomb). But it was a solid push out of his comfort zone. Thus he decided to keep with it. He committed to doing 100 open mic nights to see what he would learn.

He is not at 50 open mics, and has performed in two comedy shows (was even paid once). 

But more than the comedy, the experience is teaching Thom about business and life. The learning is huge. 

Comedy is the hardest use of the spoken word. With over 800 professional speeches and 452 podcast episodes, Thom is not shy about being in front of people, but doing stand up has been hard. And he has bombed a few times.

But spending time with comics is teaching him things about business. In this episode he talks about four of those things:

1. Work hard. The comics that make it work hard. They do not half-ass even an open mic night. They put in the time to ensure they are prepared and they treat their comedy as a real job.

2. Craft the details. The success is in the small things. The best comics will work on fine tuning a joke time after time. They realize that good enough is not the answer.

3. Never say die. 100% of the people who quit never make it to the top. If you want to succeed you keep going.

4. Try New Things. This is Thom's life motto. He sees it in the best comics. They try new jokes and new ways to tell them. If you are not satisfied with your results, change your actions.

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