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In episode 428 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, Thom Singer shares his tips for how to find a speaker and hire the right person to “WOW” your event. In the previous week before recording this Thom was contacted by three different people asking for advice on how to hire a motivational speaker. These people were seeking experts in other topic areas that his expertise, but they had never before brought in outside professional speakers. 

Please note that this episode is all about discovering and connecting with speakers. 

Why hire a speaker? Often an expert with an outside view is just what your company or association needs to get fresh ideas. Too many people will tune out their co-workers, but based on third party suggestions will take new actions.

Some roll their eyes at motivation, but Singer believes that all speakers need to be “Motivational Speakers”, as the opposite is not good for your meeting (de-motivating?). 

Before you begin you must know all the details of your meeting and be clear on the desired outcomes. Do you want the speaker for an hour or three hours? Is it your desire they stay all day and be part of your event? Should the speaker be experienced on stage or is their knowledge enough? Does your group prefer a lot of interaction? All of these things must be determined before you start your search.

To find great speakers start by asking your co-workers, friends, vendors, clients, and even competitors who they had seen speak in the last year that could be a good fit for your event.

Next turn to any speakers you have worked with in the past. The best motivational speakers have other friends in the business, and they know who is good and who is great. 

Be aware that professional speakers may cost more than you think. Celebrities can cost over $25,000 for a one hour talk. There are many factors that determine the free that a speaker charges, but you can always try to negotiate (within reason).

If you or someone you know is looking for some tips on hiring a speaker, check out this episode.

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