Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Connie Podesta is a legend. She has been speaking and coaching for over 30 years using her background in psychology coupled with her no-nonsense manner, Connie tells it like it is.

This episode began as the five things entrepreneurs should quit doing, but by the time the conversation ended there were seven. In this high spirited interview Connie Podesta tells you to:

1. Quit setting goals.

2. Quit thinking time management matters

3. Quit expecting friends and family to care about your entrepreneurial venture.

4. Quit thinking you deserve to be successful.

5. Quit accepting that yourself as you are.

6. Quit selling what you want (and ask your customers what they want to buy)

7. Quit making excuses.

If you are an entrepreneur, you will probably see a lot of yourself in the areas discussed. Many of the things we hold onto can be the same things that are holding us back.

This episode is a must hear for all business leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit.


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